Review: Face Off- Kelly Jamieson

Title: Face Off
Author: Kelly Jamieson
Release Date: September, 2011
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia

Kyla has tried so hard to be one of the boys. She was always like a little sister to Tag. One summer, things changed from sibling teasing to
blazing sexual tension. When they're reunited for a two-family reunion, the desire and lust are still there, simmering below the surface. 

Tag is a pro hockey player who is cynical about women. He knows they're only interested in him because of who he is. Kyla is an attorney who's
still trying to be "one of the boys" at her law firm. They're both adults and neither of them is looking for a relationship. A hot summer
week at the lake. Need. Attraction. There's no reason they shouldn't explore each other. (Goodreads)
Hockey seemed to be the theme of the weekend (check out Slap Shot also reviewed here). Plus, the newly returned Winnipeg Jets played and they won! What better way to celebrate than to read this short story that loosely runs parallel to the return of the Jets to the Peg. 

Oh Canada...Oh Canada, indeed! Tag has returned home to finish his career with his team that has been sold to Winnipeg. Conveniently, as
the captain and hometown boy, Tag is thrust front and center with the promotion and PR for the Jets. After the stress of moving and
performing a million interviews, all Tag wants to do is relax by the lake with his family.

But his family isn't just his brothers and parents...it also includes Kyla, her brothers and parents. As lakefront neighbors, Tag and Kyla
have known each other their whole lives. Kyla has been the daughter Tag's mom has never had! But with their scorching chemistry (which
began when she was 16 and he was 18), these two can't help but taste the forbidden fruit. The week by the lake becomes a week of love and
experimentation with Tag's bag of toys. When the week ends and their demanding careers take over, my heart ached for these two. 

Sometimes we need to put aside our preconceived ideas of ourselves and others and take a leap of faith...I was so happy when Tag and Kyla
leapt...right into each other's arms. Enjoy!

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