Review: Devilishly Hot - Kathy Love

Title: Devilishly Hot
Author: Kathy Love 
Release Date: November, 2011
Publisher: Kensington     
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: April 

And you thought your job was hell. . . 

Annie Lou Riddle had a plan: Move to New York City. Break into the fashion industry. Work her way to the top. Nowhere in that scenario did she expect to accidentally sell her soul in exchange for a job at Hot! Magazine. Oops. 

Demons, it seems, aren't big on letting mortals off the hook. Now Annie is stuck working as assistant/personal slave to Finola White—diva extraordinaire, and glamorous she-devil. Whatever Finola wants, she gets, and she wants Annie to match her up with Nick Rossi, the gorgeous detective investigating shady doings at Hot! 

Frankly, Annie sees the appeal. Nick is effortlessly sexy, rugged, charming—and the one man Annie should definitely not be flirting with, or kissing, or. . . Oops. But some loves are too devilishly hot to resist. . . (Goodreads)

Devilishly Hot by Kathy Love was a great, fast paced read with big sexual tension. Annie and Nick are wonderful characters that you love from the start. I think what makes the book even more special is that it isn't just about sex. Annie and Nick have an incredible emotional attachment that drives the whole story. Annie thinks when she is offered a job at HOT! magazine that her prayers have been answered when in reality it could be a life sentence in Hell! 

Nick Rossi is a detective investigating strange disappearances at HOT! magazine when he runs into Annie Riddle and cannot stop thinking about her. Annie knows her boss, the demon, Finola, is interested in Nick and you should never mess with demons, but he is constantly on Annie's mind. Can Nick solve what is going on at HOT! and save Annie from the same fate as other employees or will his past haunt him and make him fail? Will Annie defy a demon and her soul and go after the man she loves?

Halfway through the book I was convinced there was absolutely no way the author could solve all their problems and deliver a happy ending....Was I wrong? Check out Devilishly Hot and see for yourself! It was a really fun read.

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