Review: The Cross- Sean McCabe

Title: The Cross
Author: Sean McCabe
Series: Vampire Federation - Book 2 
Release Date: December, 2011
Publisher: Signet     
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Rating: 5 Hoots- Top Pick
Reviewer: Tiffany 

The vampires call it the Cross of Ardaich: a relic thought to have been destroyed in the war between the Federation and the rebels. But it has been found, and its incredible powers could signal the end of civilization... 

A cannibalistic serial killer becomes the perfect tool for the race of the Ubervampyr. His mission: find the cross. His reward: join the ranks of the undead. On his trail are Detective Joel Solomon and Vampire Federation agent Alex Bishop. Once lovers and now enemies, they must work together to prevent the ultimate disaster. Unless they can foil the vampyrs' plans, salvation for the race will be just a dream gone bad. (Goodreads)

Absofangalisticallymazing!!!! If you want real bleed 'em dry, hunt 'em down and off with their heads vampires, look no further!  McCabe has brought the true essence of vampires back to the page.  

Book 2 in the Vampire Federation series starts right where the first, Uprising, left off.  Joel comes to knowing just exactly what he has become, and swears vengeance on Alex for forcing him to become the very thing he loathes.  But when it comes down to it, will his hate for what she did truly outweigh the other feelings that lay in his heart?

In this installment of the series, it is discovered that the cross of Ardaich was not destroyed after all.  The three villains that fans love to hate and hate to love is back on the scene; Gabriel Stone, Lillith and Zachary.  Stone knows that the cross is still out there, and what better to find the cross than to hire a human who turns out to be even more cruel and ferocious than any vampire he has ever met.  But can someone of that nature truly be trusted?

Readers are going to love The Cross for its non-stop action from one page to the next.  There are so many twists and turns within the plot that readers will never expect, so much so that readers may not be so sure who they should be rooting for to win.  

McCabe truly knows how to pull people in with a vice grip and not let loose until the very end.  Instead just reading a book, you feel as though you are actually there watching events unfold on the sideline.  The Cross is definitely a must-read for nocturnal fans!!

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