Review: Deadly Little Lies- Jeanne Adams

Title: Deadly Little Lies
Author: Jeanne Adams
Release Date: September 2011
Publisher: Zebra
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Michelle

Secrets are what drive billionaire security expert Davros Gianakopulos to succeed. And no one intrigues him more than striking art gallery owner Carrie McCray. But when a vengeful enemy traps Dav and Carrie in a ruthless battle of wits, the only thing he can trust is desire...Carrie has faced down trouble before - betrayal taught her how. But staying one step ahead of those hunting her and Dav is as dangerous as her urgent feelings for him. Each move brings them closer to disaster, just as Dav's every searching kiss challenges Carrie's hard-won reserve. And he'll do whatever it takes to protect her...even putting their last chance at love on the line... (Amazon)

Deadly Little Lies by Jeanne Adams is full of suspense and excitement! Dav has been in a world of trouble with some bad people after helping Carrie decipher an art scandal. While spending near all of his time with her throughout the investigation he has fallen completely in love with her. Now that he finds himself safe and out of harm’s way, he finally gets the courage to ask her out. What he does not know, is that there is someone far more dangerous than any of his past foes waiting in the shadows for one weak moment and it seems Carrie is that moment.
I could not put Deadly Little Lies down! The suspense of this novel had me clinging to my seat in anticipation of what was to come. There are many surprising moments within this novel that completely shocked me! The main characters, Dav and Carrie, are well developed and it is pure mastery how Adams portrays their personalities within Deadly Little Lies. Despite their dangerous predicament, I found myself "awing" and "gushing" over how intimate and strong they were. Deadly Little Lies is an excellent read and I cannot wait to read more from Adams.

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