Review: Bad Boys Do- Victoria Dahl

Title: Bad Boys DO
Author: Victoria Dahl
Series: Donavon Brothers Brewery Book 2
Release Date: October, 2011
Publisher: HQN Books
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia

Olivia Bishop is no fun. That's what her ex-husband said. And that's what her smart bob and glasses imply. So with her trademark determination, Olivia sets out to remake her life. She's going to spend time with her girlfriends and not throw it all away for some man. But when an outing with her book club leads her to a brewery taproom, the dark-haired beauty realizes that trouble—in the form of sexy Jamie Donovan—may be too tempting to avoid. 

Jamie Donovan doesn't mean to be bad. Sure, the wild streak in his wicked green eyes has lured the ladies before. Now it's time to grow up. He's even ready for a serious romance. But how can that be when Olivia, the only right woman he has ever met, already has him pegged as wrong?  (Goodreads)
Did I mention somewhere that I fell in love with Eric in the anthology The Guy Next Door, well…I am two timing Eric now with his brother Jamie. As the hawt, kilt-wearing, fun-loving, keg tapping younger brother, Jamie is everything that Eric is not. Wild, exuberant, chatty and irresponsible. But as time goes by, Jamie begins to question what he really wants out of life. And, "just being a bartender" is not it. Jamie fights an uphill battle to convince not only his family, but the one woman he has met that he can be more than a party boy. 

Jilted but not totally bitter, Olivia picks herself up after her divorce and decides to have a little fun. As she and her friends tip a few over at the Donovan Brewery, she can't help but notice the gorgeous man behind the bar. Truly, you would have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to notice Jamie and the harem of women that tag along behind him. Olivia is surprised to then see him show up at her work, the local community college. Trust is a tough commodity in this book…Olivia must learn to trust her heart and Jamie, while Eric learns to trust his brother to be the grown man he really has become. So many times my heart clenched and ached for Jamie and his frustration over reliving his mistakes of the past. 

I was eagerly awaiting Jamie and his shirtless water feature installation, but I got so much more…the loving is hot and abundant, but the HEA is even better! This story only made me want Eric's, Real Men Will, even more. Enjoy!

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