Interview: Deborah Noel

NRR: When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

DN: When I was twelve.  I have always loved writing.

NRR: How were you inspired to write Tangled Blood Lines?

DN:  My husband and I own a demolition business.  When the recession hit in 2008 and the work slowed, we had a discussion one night about the future.  I mentioned that I wanted to write a novel and he encouraged me to do so.  As for the concept of Tangled Blood Lines, I wanted to create a series that brought back old school type vampires into today's world with a few twists.

NRR: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?  

DN:  Never give up.  Write, write and write more until the ink drys.  Then go get more ink to write even more!

NRR: What would you say was the easiest/most challenging part of writing Tangled Blood Lines?

DN:  The easiest part of writing Tangle Blood Lines was developing the concepts and characters.  The most challenging part was dealing with and overcoming the writer's block.

NRR: What is your guilty pleasure?

DN:  My husband and I going to the beach.

NRR: Can you share with us the storyline to Tangled Blood Lines? Of course no spoilers.

DN:  Tangled Blood Lines is a complex mixture of "old-school" vampires, murder and crime scene investigations with a touch of wizards, 
witches, werewolves and half-breeds; all colliding in today's world.  Our main character, Cianna Fitzgerald, is a young "retired" crime scene 
investigator who knows her heritage is one mixed with Irish pixie giving her telepathic ability.  She gets thrown back into the chaos of 
brutuality and murder she walked away from.  The cases she walked away from stayed cold for five years until she reunites with her Uncle/boss 
and her estranged husband, Declan.  She witnesses two murders first hand where the murderer is a vampire.  Cianna's world turns upside down, 
encountering vampires, werewolves, witches and then her daughter gets kidnapped.  Declan and Cianna travel around the world and underworld to 
try and find her.  Truths turn into lies,  reality is questioned and nothing is what it seems - or is it?

NRR: What is next in the works for you?

DN:  I am currently working on Book Two of the Tangled Legacy Series.  I also have three other books planned and I'm toying with the idea of 
a children's series
NRR:  Thank you for joining us

DN:  Thank you for having me!

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