Interview: Alyson Noel

NRR: Is there anyone in particular that inspired you?

Judy Blume was a huge inspiration early on—I devoured her books as a kid, they were the reason I wanted to become a writer. In high school I went through some very tough times, but I was lucky to have an amazing AP English teacher who really encouraged my writing.

NRR: Why young adult fantasy?

I’ve always been fascinated by anything having to do with the paranormal, so I’m sort of surprised I didn’t jump into it earlier. But, as most of my stories stem from events in my life, it wasn’t until I’d gone through a time of deep grief that the idea for the series appeared. I wanted to write about the soul’s journey and to explore the idea of eternal love, and dipping into fantasy seemed like the best way to do that.

NRR: What is your favorite thing about writing? 

I love those days when I’m so immersed into the characters and their world, that hours go by with barely a notice. I also love the research I do for the books—it’s a great excuse to learn more about the things I’m interested in!

NRR: How were you inspired to write the Immortals series?

The Immortals series was inspired by the grief I experienced after losing three loved ones in five months, and then almost losing my husband to leukemia shortly after. It got me thinking a lot about life and death, mortality and immortality, the soul’s journey, how we can still feel a bond with our loved ones even long after they’re gone—and in a quest to find comfort and make sense of my grief, I started writing Ever and Damen’s story.

NRR: Which actors could you see playing Ever and Damen?

I have to admit that I’m terrible at this game! I think because I can see the characters so clearly in my head, it’s hard for me to cast them with real people! And while Ever still stumps me, a few people have mentioned Ben Barnes for Damen—and I have to say that he’s definitely dreamy!

NRR: How do you celebrate a release of one of your novels?

Usually by doing a book signing—they’re great fun, and I love the opportunity to meet so many readers!

NRR: Can you tell us a little about Night Star?

NIGHT STAR is the 5th and penultimate book in the series, and the stakes are really raised in this one! Ever’s is not only forced to confront a revenge-mad Haven, but she also learns an explosive secret about Damen that’ll leave her questioning everything . . .

NRR: What can fans expect to see from you in the coming year?

Let’s see, 2011 will see the release of: SHIMMER, book 2 in the Riley Bloom series, in stores March 15; EVERLASTING the final book in The Immortals series, in stores on a date still to be determined; DREAMSCAPE, book 3 in the Riley Bloom series, in stores in late fall; and I’ll also be working on WHISPER, book 4 in the Riley Bloom series, as well SOUL SEEKERS, a brand new YA series set to debut in 2012. 

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