Review: Travis by Georgina Gentry

Title: Travis
Author:Georgina Gentry
Series: Texans Series Book #4
Release Date: February, 2013
Publisher: Zebra
Genre: Western Romance
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: April
Buy From: Amazon/ Barnes and Noble

Sum It Up! Who doesn't love a good, sexy western every once in a while!

After Texas Ranger Travis Prescott gets into a deadly confrontation with an outlaw, he suffers an injury that puts an end to his career. Making his way back to Texas, Travis is unable to shake a pretty young woman and four orphans who insist on traveling with him. He wants to send them packing, but he can’t abandon them—especially the violet-eyed beauty who has captivated his imagination. 

Saloon girl Violet LaFarge is bent on starting a new life. Taking pity on the orphans abandoned at the train station, Violet knows Travis is the only chance they have of getting to Texas safely. Now she must convince Travis she and the children are worthy of his protection—and his heart. (Goodreads)

Who doesn't love a good, sexy western every once in a while! Travis by Georgina Gentry does not disappoint either! After being injured and losing his career, Travis just wants to make his way back to Texas and try getting on with some sort of life. In walks Violet LaFarge and a group of orphans needing Travis to help them make the journey to Texas and perhaps help in healing his heart. At first all he wants to do is ditch them, but being a gentleman...he can't do that and I am so glad he doesn't.

What Travis doesn't know,Violet is not a 13 year old girl but a dancing girl trying to escape from her evil brother in order to start a new life as a new woman. The ending is a huge surprise and I loved it! This is a great western and a wonderful Saturday read...you should pick it up and not put it down until you are finished!

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