Review: Blessed by a Demon's Mark by ES Moore

Title: Blessed by a Demon's Mark
Author: ES Moore
Series: Kat Redding, #3
Release Date: Dec 29th 2012
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: 1 Hoots
Reviewer: Tiffany
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Sum It Up!  It is so rare for me to find a book that has absolutely no redeeming qualities, but there is indeed a first for everything.   

In a job like this, there’s no retirement plan

Kat Redding’s life is dangerous enough when she’s hunting the rogue vampires who prey on Pureblood humans. But now that Kat is thinking of getting out of the killing business, she’s faced with a slew of new problems. Like the demon Beligral, who offers help at an escalating cost, and the werewolf cult with whom she’s entwined professionally and personally. And then there’s Countess Baset—the terrifying vampire who wants Kat to become her personal assassin.

It’s no wonder that Kat has been seeking refuge in the mysterious town known as Delai, a place where she can shed her Lady Death persona and live a life that’s as close to normal as she’s ever known. But even in this haven, something feels askew. Delai is a little too serene. And the more she discovers, the more Kat realizes that the only choice left to her is not whether to do battle, but which side she’ll risk her life to defend.... (Goodreads)

Review -
Do not waste any time picking up this book.  It is so rare for me to find a book that has absolutely no redeeming qualities, but there is indeed a first for everything. 
The problem with this series is that there is absolutely no character development whatsoever.  Kat remains the same, not only does she bring mind a self absorbed teenage brat, she seems to be a fully grown woman with a permanent case of PMS.  As the main character you would think there would be SOMETHING that the reader can grab a hold to and say, "Hey, maybe she isn't really so bad after all" or "She is so out cold I can't help but love her!" or even "Wow, she truly is a bitch, but with good reason.", so NOT the case here.  Kat goes around blaming everyone in her life, though there are only very few, for any and everything that goes wrong.  Sure, she was tortured and turned into  vampire, but she has long since had her vengeance on the one who did the deed.  What's worst?  Everyone just sits there and takes it!!  No one has the balls to stand up to her, besides the bad guys that is.  Kat also proves to be not so bright.  She continues to come back to the demon just to get information she could probably find on the internet, even Bella Swan knew that much.  And how can Ethan, who is practically best friends with a demon, be such a pussy when it comes to Kat?  Jonathan is still waiting his time trying to be with her even she continuously rejects him and treats him like crap.  Not so smart for a werewolf who is also a sorcerer powerful enough to create a glamour that makes it appear as the he has a full face though half is missing.  By the way, she is the reason its missing!
Furthermore, the plot is also lacking, instead tying up loose ends, a whole new ball of yarn is being unraveled.  In my opinion, this series is going nowhere fast.  The reader is constantly waiting for something to happen and nothing ever does.  There is some action, but the reason behind the action is so stupid.

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