Review: Yes,Master by Vonna Harper,Tawny Taylor,Anne Rainey

Title:Yes, Master
Author: Vonna Harper, Tawny Taylor, Anne Rainey
Release Date: February 26th 2013
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Erotica
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
Buy From: Amazon/ Barnes and Noble

Sum It Up! I really needed more foundation in each of these stories...

Enter a world of forbidden pleasure, where complete surrender means total ecstasy...
Stark Pleasure Tawny Taylor Alice Barlow is sexually inexperienced but no stranger to erotic desire. After one night of unimaginable pleasure with the darkly enigmatic
Tristan Stark, she can only beg for more, eager to obey his every command...

Ruby's Awakening Anne Rainey Ruby London can't wait to celebrate her big promotion, but her boyfriend leaves her high and dry. When she spies her darkly sensual neighbor
naked in the pool, she's ready to get wet for a long night of untamed pleasure...

Runa's High Vonna Harper A dedicated runner, Runa Mullan is always on the move. But when sexy masseuse Ken Paro places his hands on her body and tells her to simply relax, she finally lets go and revels in total submission to her master... (Goodreads)

A long list of books for review came in to my mailbox on a super busy day. What book(s) to pick? I didn't have time to hit GR and pre-scan, so I had hoped in picking this book I wasn't getting an historical and I was hoping on a bit of steam! Well...Considering the topic and the title, I would expect at least a 3 on the steam level and the first story delivered on that one. While I am not a big believer in the virginal damsel who has her first time with a rich older man, this story was good enough. I did find it a stretch that her first time out of the gate she ends up in dungeon. That one had me crossing my eyes.

The second story was straight up vanilla and while the story and the loving were genuine and romantic, I didn't see it fitting into the title. However, both Drake and Ruby seem to have the same thoughts about D/s and are looking forward to testing the waters with each other. We don't get this in any way and left me wanting more.

The third story was good (super steamy), but left me wondering if she serves Ken or Jeff. Jeff is the Olympian runner asked to train her, while Ken is the man Jeff asks to "train" her. Both men seem taken by her and in only one session, they are all in sync. The EXTREMELY short epilogue left me with more questions than answers.

What I like about any story is the relationships, the connections...whether it be between girlfriends hanging out or lovers. I really needed more foundation in each of these stories...each was like having dessert before dinner. Enjoy!

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