Review: Hurricane Lily by Rebecca Rogers Maher

Title:Hurricane Lily
Author: Rebecca Rogers Maher
Release Date: April 15th 2013
Publisher: Promised Land Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
Buy From: Amazon/ Barnes and Noble

Sum It Up! The story was not neat and tidy, but what in life is? 


Lily Sawyer flees her controlling, wealthy family in New York City for a solitary existence on Cape Cod. Three months later, a mounting anxiety binds her to the house she can no longer leave.

With hurricane season approaching, Lily hires Cliff Buckley-an angry carpenter with an immediate disgust for his elitist employer-to storm-proof her house.

Cliff soon discovers they have more in common than he thinks, as well as a raging spark between them could either destroy-or save-everything they care about. The question is, can either of them survive Hurricane Lily? (Goodreads)

So dark and broody, but it seems to be working for me. Usually I want a lot more dialogue, but both these two have non-stop rants in their minds...so we the reader know what’s going down.

That was my status update while reading...now after finishing the book, quite frankly, I am torn. Did I like it? Did I want more? Did I care what happens to these two?

I wanted more from these characters and yet, I wanted less from them. I wanted Lily to stop thinking and hiding, and work at getting herself healthy again. I wanted Cliff to go all alpha and see what Lily was doing to herself and make her go outside, make her realize what she was missing in life. I wanted them to talk more to the other. I even wanted to snatch up some of Lily's gorgeous creations that she crafted so skillfully and sell them at a local market!

Whew...that ramble seems to have gotten a lot off my chest. The story was not neat and tidy, but what in life is? Likely, the events, the process and even the resolution (an HEA of sorts) are true to real life. I just get very frustrated when a story focuses so heavily on an issue and then poof, it disappears. A complex, thought jarring, and sometime intimate story...worth the read. Enjoy!

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