Own the Wind Tour! Review and Interview with Tack and Shy!

Tabitha Allen has a not-so-secret crush on Parker "Shy" Cage. Shy thinks he knows the path Tabby's on and it isn't a good one. So he decides to teach her a lesson to lead her to the right path.

Unfortunately, he was wrong and his actions wound Tabby, breaking her heart. It's Tabby who then teaches Shy a lesson about casting judgment and Shy Cage learns what it feels like to be invisible. But when tragedy strikes and Tabby's heart is broken again, Shy does what he can in the background to help. Trying to forget her heartbreak, Tabby finds herself in danger. To keep it secret from her biker family, the Chaos Motorcycle Club, she calls Shy to rescue her. But when she lets him back in, she gets much more than she bargained for.

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All of these words describe Tabitha and Shy…but also this book. Tethered came to mind over and over again. Linked in a way that was physical, emotional, spiritual. They were tethered to family. They were tethered to the life. And inexplicably, they were tethered to each other. Just like that ball at the end of the rope, the game between Tabby and Shy had its highs and its lows. Sometimes the tether was stretched to it max and other times one would take up the slack and ease the way for the other. I loved their friendship, I adored their care of each other and I ached with a longing for them to find peace.

While I am giving no spoilers, I must comment that after reading the working chapters long before I received the book, I kept humming a song that I associated with Shy. “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child…see heaven has a plan for you.” The plan for Shy was to become a brother, a Chaos brother. His journey on his path was hard, but with the brothers at his back, I knew even in Motorcycle Man (MM) that he was going to make it.
The tether that holds Tabby and Shy was family. Both Tabby and Shy had family, but from MM we know that Tab’s family was not nuclear. We learn throughout the book, Shy too has family and that his definition encompasses Tab. From the working chapters, “He wasn't her family. But she was his.” My heart literally shattered! Shy was a man who put aside his needs and focused on his family….Family described as his brothers, his friends, his lovers. He is not made of stone, but of flesh and blood. And that blood flows for his family.
As the tether ball slowed and wound its way around the pole, the story too had a flow that moved me, made me smile and yet had me excited for when the ball was going to get thrown again. Tethered tight, sore it did! The anchor of any good story are the characters and Ms Ashley writes some of the best! I loved Elvira in this story and some of the Chaos guys gave me secret smiles of the books to come. And Hop and Lanie up next makes me VERY HAPPY! You will not be disappointed by this new series!
And, a shout out for Kristen Ashley and Grand Central Publishing! Kristen has so many amazing stories already written (many reviewed here) and now with the distribution of GCP even more readers will have the opportunity to take a ride on the KAddict road. Enjoy!
Interview with Tack and Shy!!
NRR: First I would like to thank you guys for taking time for this interview! Our viewers love you guys and we are excited to have this opportunity.
Tack: Nice to be asked, darlin’.
[Shy just smiles and lifts chin]
So, to get started (because I am trying not to ramble because Good God these guys are HOTT) how did you guys get your nick names? Because to be honest you don't look like a plain ole Tack or a simple Shy...( oh boy, I did not just say THAT!)
Shy: Boys in Chaos gave me mine ‘cause I wasn’t exactly shy when it came the fairer sex.
Tack [shaking head and looking at Shy, grinning, then to Lenore and Brandi]: Got mine as a kid. Came from my folks sayin’ I was sharp as a tack.

NRR: So, your bud Kristen decided to write about you guys finding your HEA's. How has it impacted your lives and did you read them?
Tack: Don’t spend a lot of time readin’, babe. But Tyra read it. Heard her cacklin’ through it. Said it was a lot funnier reading it than living it. Can’t say it’s really impacted our lives, seein’ as we’re of a kind that just keeps on keepin’ on no matter what. But just sayin’, me and Red, we’re real happy that Kit had a hit with our story. She works hard. But I figure it ended pretty good so might as well share the wealth.
Shy: Like Tack, haven’t read it, but Tab’s read me parts. Particular parts. She doesn’t usually get through ‘em though before I interrupt her. We’re just hopin’ people like it as much as Tack and Cherry’s story.

NRR: Shy, can you share with us what went thru your mind when you came to realize your feelings for Tabby? Being she is the princess of the Chaos MC I am sure you had many concerns to having a relationship with her. ( Oh my...he has the greenest eyes I have ever seen!)
Shy: Think I was more worried about where her head was at, seein’ as she wasn’t real good with expressin’ that and we had some serious shit to get through. But, I reckon, I always knew there was a lot to get for whatever guy got Tab. And I knew I’d be lucky if she gave that to me. So it would be worth goin’ through whatever shit I had to go through to get it. I’d take her any way she came. [grins] Just glad I got all of her.


NRR: Tack, everyone knows you have done right by the club since you have become president. How long do you plan to keep the reigns?

Tack: Shit gets stagnant, a leader doesn’t change. You gotta have fresh blood, fresh ideas. You can ask for input but that don’t mean the leader isn’t gonna make the same kinds of decisions. But, sayin’ all that, we got a situation right now and we need experience with a mind to history at the helm to guide us through. Once that happens, though, I’ll be wantin’ my time and attention to shift to my woman and my boys. The boys’re gettin’ older. They need their Dad. Tab and Rush, they had a Dad with a mission and a Mom who was a bitch. I gave them the best I had to give. But, if I can, I wanna learn from that and give Ride and Cut more of me, if I got the chance.


NRR: Since you guys are so busy with the shop and the MC, when you get free time what do you like to spend it doing? (A blush has just flooded my face because if they answer this the way I think they will I am going to fall off this chair from a heat stroke!)
Tack: I think the answer is best left to your imagination, darlin’. Just sayin’, [smiles] whatever you dream up, it’ll be better in reality.
Shy [smiling big]: And, babe, I’m thinkin’ maybe I shouldn’t answer that in front of my woman’s Dad.


NRR: Shy, what is one thing you would like to warn readers about before reading Own the Wind?
Shy: Don’t do what I did: misjudge Tab by what happened to her years ago. Heard word a lot of readers thought she’d be wild, uncontrolled and get into trouble. That’s not my girl. My girl’s the first of those in a good way, but she’s got a lot more to her. A helluva lot more.


NRR: I heard next up we get Hop's story! How are Hop and the rest of the brothers?
Tack [slowly smiling]: Hop’s doin’ real good. Lanie’s doin’ real, real good. The brothers are holdin’ on, livin’, raisin’ hell… [his smile dies] but preparin’ for what’s to come.


NRR: Well, that's all guys! Thanks again for sitting down with me for this interview and one more thing...I have never been on a motorcycle, but I am feeling a little brave right now. You think someone around here will give me a lift?
Shy: You pick…
Tack [to Shy]: Or… better… we’ll take turns.
Shy [to Brandi]: Right then, babe. Hop on.


  1. Awesome interview!!!! I love Tack!!!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to love Shy too.

    1. It was so much fun doing this interview! Love these characters and Kristen!

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  4. Awesome interview!

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  6. I was grinning from ear to ear. Oh Tack! I lurv you mucho!! :)

  7. Can't wait to read this. I really enjoyed this interview!


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