Interview with Untold Press

NRR: I would like to start off and thank you Jen and Sean for taking the time to join us! Can you tell us a little bit about Untold Press?

Jen & Sean: Thanks so much for having us today!

We are small independent publisher based out of Florida. We’re the new kids on the block, only starting up a year ago. To date we have published 10 titles in fantasy/ paranormal genres.

Untold Press takes care of all editing, proofreading, covers, formatting, publishing  and helps with reviews and marketing. We do not charge our authors anything, and all receive royalties for their work. We pride ourselves on being available, supportive and helpful to our authors, answering any questions, and guiding them in what happens after the story is written.

NRR: What made you two decide a career path in publishing?

Jen & Sean: Both of us are authors and over time decided we wanted to have the freedom of publishing our own books. Since we found we work exceptionally well together, we decided to form Untold Press.

NRR: Currently self-published authors are a huge success with readers. How do you feel the publishing world can better their careers?

Jen & Sean: Self published authors are changing the face of the publishing industry itself. It is a constantly growing and evolving change as well. Even over the past year, the stigma of being self published has virtually disappeared. The problem is not everyone is capable of publishing their own book. From start to finish it is a long process of editing, cover art, formatting, uploading, and marketing. Not everyone can do every aspect of it, or have the resources to hire these tasks in. This is where the small publisher comes into play.

NRR: What advice can you give to writers looking to break into the publishing world?

Sean:  I've been asked this questions more times than I can count. My answer has never changed. It's simple. NEVER give up. The publishing industry is right up there with the music industry in terms of talent versus achieving your goals. You will be turned down, ignored, and rejected on a daily basis. Don't take it personally, it's just the nature of the business. But I can promise you this, once you do hold your book in your hand for the first time, you'd go back and do it all over again. It's worth it.

Jen: I agree with Sean’s ‘Don’t give up’ and add ‘Do your Research’. Writing the story is only the first part. Once you finish that (and please do, before you look for a publisher), you need to learn how to edit and revise. Beta readers can help, and there are also thousands of websites and articles on how to make your story better. Make friends with authors and other aspiring authors, build your platform (facebook, twitter etc) and learn. It’s good to start from the beginning, because you won’t ever stop.

NRR: Okay, can you share with us what a day in the life of a publisher is like?

Sean: Step one, coffee. That comes even before the wake up part. Must be caffeinated to properly start the day. Then it's wake up, get kids to school, do day job, come home, work on the ten million things waiting for you to get them done. Blogs, social networking, pumping the books. Then it's either cover art, editing, or writing. It's a never ending, coffee-fueled roller coaster ride of words that I wouldn't give up for anything.

Jen: Coffee. Get kids to school. Coffee. Go through all the various email accounts and sort and answer them. Make to do lists Coffee. Update websites, blogs. Facebook and twitter about books.  Coffee. Browse web for anything new in writing, editing, publishing, marketing. Watch for new reviewers or sites to promote books. Make lists. Coffee. Continue answering emails and messages. Depending on project: write, edit, proofread, or read submissions. Make more lists. Do stuff on lists. Plan tours, giveaways, contests or other promotion/marketing. Get kids, do homework, dinner and cuddles and put to bed. Continue promoting, editing, writing, marketing. Coke. Work until eyeballs melt. Make more lists. Rinse and repeat.

NRR: Do you remember the first book you read that knocked your socks off?

Sean: Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern. I don't even remember how or where I received it. From the first page I was hooked and fell in love with reading. That was the book that made me want to be an author. That was the book that made me want to be a publisher. It started it all for me.

Jen: I started reading a really early age, and honestly can’t remember the exact book. When I was quite young, Walter Farley’s Black Stallion series had me seriously hooked. I have still have them all. Coincidently, my first fantasy books were also Pern novels, as well as Mercedes Lackey’s The Last Herald Mage. I thank my mother every day for introducing me to fantasy. Those stories blew my mind and fantasy continues to be my favorite genre to read.

NRR: What would you say is the best part of your job?

Sean:  Working with my partner.;)

The second best part of my job is the reaction from our authors, whether it be when they get their contract, see their eBook on amazon for the first time, or the sound of their squeees when they get their shipment of books.

Jen: Of course working with Sean all day and night J Being in Canada, and him in Florida, we make wonderful use of gmail chat, fb messages, emails and texting. I think we talk more than most couples. I can’t put into words the joy of having a partner who is my best friend and has the same goals and love of reading and writing.

Second is the same answer, seeing the joy, the squees and bounces and happy dances of authors getting their first offer of a contract. There’s nothing quite like it.

NRR: What do you see in the future for Untold Press?

World Domination.

Or at least most of North America and parts of Europe.

Eventually we'd like to own a LARGE, independently owned bookstore. That sells coffee. Good coffee. In the center of this store will be an open office. In this office you will find Jen and I, writing our books, publishing books, editing books, and we will be happy as we command our hordes of minions from this office-in-a-bookstore as we conquer the remaining, less civilized, portions of the world.

Until that dream comes true, we will be growing slowly, putting out the best of the world’s untold stories.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/UntoldPress   @untoldpress


  1. I love working with Untold Press. They put out a great product and are great to work with!


  2. Thanks Brandi for the great interview with Sean and Jen. I love working with them. They've made my dream a reality. Couldn't be more happier...and they love coffee as much as I do. LOL



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