Review: Saved by the Rancher by Jennifer Ryan

Title: Saved by the Rancher
Author: Jennifer Ryan
Series: The Hunted #1
Release Date: February 26th 2013
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Western-flare)
Rating: 3 HOOTS
Reviewer: Karia
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Sum It Up!  I really enjoyed the
side characters and I closed the book smiling
From the moment rancher Jack Turner rescues Jenna Caldwell Merrick, he
is determined to help her. Soon, he is doing more than tend her wounds;
he is mending her heart. Jenna is a woman on the run-hunted down by her
ex-husband, David Merrick, from the day she left him, taking part of his
company with her, to the second she finds herself in the safety of
Jack's ranch. More than just a haven, Jack's offering the love, family,
and home she thought were out of reach.

Jack's support will give Jenna the strength she needs to reclaim her
life. The hunted will become the hunter, while David gets what he
deserves, when they have an explosive confrontation in the boardroom of
Merrick International. But not before Jack and Jenna enter into a fight
... for their lives. (Goodreads)

I started reading this book on a Friday night and I was saying to
myself, "Okay...good start and it seems like it cresting into a sweet
harlequin type story"...then I notice the book is not quite half
in....mmmm maybe we will flip the script and get some revenge soon!
Well, we did get some revenge but it was not in the way that I was
hoping. I am not sure if I have explained my hot buttons before: no
cheating, no drugs, no abuse of children or animals, and domestic abuse
had better be a long ago story left in the past. I am sure I have more,
but I will move on. 

Jenna's ex-husband is an Arse with a capital A! He is a misogynistic,
self-centered, spoiled brat who wants what he wants when he wants it.
David romanced Jenna and literally swept her off to the chapel before
her feet hit the ground or his family could get a pre-nup signed. David
assured them, he won't ever need a prenup...nope, he would keep Jenna
till she died. Well, fast forward a couple months and his jealous
craziness has ruined their marriage and their only chance at happiness.
Jenna flees and successfully divorces David, taking with her a sizeable
chunk of his wealth.

Enter Jack. As a last ditch effort, her lawyer, who is BFFs with Jack
sends her to the ranch to recover and hide out. Of course, they fall in
love. So here we are at 45% into the story and I am scratching my head.
Is David coming back? Duhhh...so why aren't Jack and Jenna preparing
for the inevitable? Why would Jack ever leave her alone for one second?
Why would Jenna ever be unattended? Why would Jenna walk out into the
woods alone? So many whys!!!

Well, when I stopped screaming at Jenna to stop being so stupid, I
discover that she is smoking smart and cunning and devious. Thankfully,
she applied some of this massive brain power to plot revenge and I
finally got my HEA. I must say that I could have done without the
excessive abuse and wound descriptions. To say that he beat the living
daylights out of her would have sufficed for me. I really enjoyed the
side characters and I closed the book smiling that they all can finally
rest easy. Enjoy!

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