Angela McPherson gets Published!!!

Nocturne is happy to announce that our reviewer/editor, Angela McPherson, has received a publishing deal!Her Young Adult novel (Fated) has been picked up by Untold Press.

Congrats Angela! This is an accomplishment well deserved and it goes to show you're dreams can come true!

Fated by Angela McPherson
Trinity always thought Pandora’s Box was a myth. Pity she was wrong…

Senior year is supposed to be epic—fun times, cool friends, and a date to the senior ball. But to seventeen-year-old Trinity Whitebone, her not-so-normal life disagrees. Her crappy, unwanted ability to pick up hidden emotions from those around her has progressed into hearing thoughts.
At school, the new guy, Blain Heros, screams hot-god in jeans, but his intense stare suggests more than Trinity was willing to understand. All too soon, Trinity’s not-so-normal life spirals when a man attacks, hurling a black ball of electricity at her. Within seconds of being hit, Trinity’s palms glow white, containing the assault. Out of nowhere, Blain rushes in, killing the attacker with his own show of supernatural light and speed.

Blain reveals to Trinity that she is a descendant of Pandora, fated to rectify the terrors released form Pandora’s Box of wonders. Now, with powers she didn’t know existed, and abilities she never wanted, Trinity walks away from it all. However, when a band of Rogue immortals discover who she is, and will do whatever it takes to use her powers, Trinity must make a decision . . . embrace fate or die trying.

Coming 2013



  1. Yeah!!! Way to go Angela!!!

    1. Thank you so much! Evil Apples (love the name)!

  2. Thank you Brandi and everyone at NRR who has helped make my dream a reality! Love you all!!!

  3. I so wanna read this book... U go girl!!

    1. Thanks Anonymous! I so want you to read it to, LOL! I'll keep everyone updated about the release date! <3


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