Review: The Billionaire's Bargain by Sam Crescent

Title:The Billionaire’s Bargain
Author:Sam Crescent
Release Date: November 2012
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Erotic
Rating: 3.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Charity
Buy From: Amazon

Sum It Up!
If you can get past the grammar, flow, and too much details issues then it’s a great story.

Duncan James needs a wife and an heir in order to complete his revenge. He’s spent too long waiting to get what he wants to stop now. Tess Williams provides the perfect chance for him to get what he wants. She makes him ache unlike any other woman.
Tess needs to make sure her father doesn’t go to prison. Duncan makes a bargain. He’ll make sure her father doesn’t go to jail if she agrees to marry him. With no other choice, Tess agrees.
However, Duncan has a plan. He’ll make Tess fall in love with him so he can get everything he wants. He doesn’t do love or commitment.
He doesn’t plan to fall in love, but fall in love he does. What will happen when Tess learns the truth? Will her love be enough to face the truth or will his revenge be enough to keep him warm at night? (Goodreads)
The Billionaire’s Bargain is about a domineering man and a desperate naive woman. The idea for the story is great, but the execution is lacking, which has become Sam Crescent’s trademark. This story has too much detail, down to telling you how to feel, leaving nothing to the imagination, and making it hard to perceive the characters as real people with their own emotions. The idea of a forced marriage for two different reasons, and then falling in love for real; is a great idea, but very predictable without any real hurtled or substantial climatic events.
Tess is a larger woman, but I can’t pin down an approximate size for her and its irritating. Sometimes the details make me think size 9 when she is in form fitting clothes. Other times I get the picture of a large 18-22 type size and there is a big difference between the two for me so I would have liked a little bit more information. Duncan plays the jerk and the romantic well, but his personal issues seemed rushed over to me. The sex scenes feel genuine and well written.
If you can get past the grammar, flow, and too much details issues then it’s a great story.


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