Review: A Very Naughty Xmas (Anthology)

Title:A Very Naughty Xmas Author:An AnthologyRelease Date: November 29th 2012
Publisher: Vulpine Press
Genre: Erotica
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
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Sum It Up!  I loved almost every story in this book!

 SHARE ME by Olivia Cunning
One Night with Sole Regret, #0.5
Lindsay longs for an amazing Christmas Eve with her favorite band, Sole Regret, and spends one snowy night with two generous rock stars who love to share their gifts.

JINGLE BALL by Cari Quinn
This Christmas, rocking the holiday office party has taken on a whole new meaning...

LIGHT ME UP by Cherrie Lynn
Ross Siblings, #3.5
She's dreaming of a little sparkle in her stocking this year. He's planning a night that's anything but silent...

Two men. One Woman. Half a million dollars. A very indecent proposal...

The best gifts are all tied up with bow... (Goodreads)

Sometimes I write a review on each novella and other times I like to write about the Anthology as a whole. I really have to say that I loved almost every story in this book! Share Me by Ms. Cunning was actually the first story I read in the book, since I was just coming off reading the first three books in this series. I have to say, you should really read this short first and then dive into Sole Regret series. As a reader, you really get a good idea about each of the guys and their life on the road. Many parts of this short made other sections/situations make more sense to me. I am re-reading the Sole Regret series now! 4 Hoots.

My next read was (of course) about Brian (heart trips a beat and small moan slips from lips). Brian and Candace had a rough row to hoe in their path to love, but as their second Christmas together nears, Brian wants it to be memorable. I just loved how he planned his seduction, his love radiated through every moment of this book. If you haven't read the Ross Siblings books...why not? I liked Unleashed (Book #1), but Brian and then Ghost's books rocked! I loved Ghost and Macy best as a couple, but Brian holds such a special place in my heart. 5 Hoots!

I was totally and utterly blown away with Ms. Julian's short An Indecent Proposition. It was reminiscent of Pretty Woman gone wrong and yet the whole thing was so right. Hands down, it was the best story in the book, IMHO. That said, I have become a bit of a cyber stalker towards my GR friend Stephanie Julian because I just can't let these three complex and dynamic people out of my system. I hope they have a full length book coming soon! 5 Huge Hoots!

I liked Jingle Ball but my pet peeve (lack of communication) did start to creep in at my consciousness. Talk people and don't waste a year or more missing out on the good stuff in life. I liked the interaction between the two bosses who seemed to know each other inside and out. I liked those aspects a lot more than I thought I would and the m/m was tame, so don't let that ward you off. 4 Hoots.

And Christmas is Coming was about a couple whose idea of "more the merrier" got a bit out of hand for my liking. Not my thing. To quote my status update on GR: I do not evah wish to have a second set of boobs in my bed...just sayin'...that says it all. 2 Hoots.
Note: The Sole Regret Story had it 'all' and yet I didn't mind it as much as I did in Christmas is Coming. I am not sure why? I feel it had a lot to do with the fact that I am attached to the Sole Regret guys and I want to see them happy, esp. at Christmas...just a thought.

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