Review: Vlkolak King by Rebekah Armusik

Title:Vlkolak King
Author:Rebekah Armusik
Series:The 13 Gothic Memoirs - Book 4
Release Date: October 25, 2012
Publisher: Create Space
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: 4  Hoots
Reviewer: Tiffany
Buy From: Amazon/ Barnes and Noble

Sum It Up!Rebekah Armusik has a talent for weaving the true essence of romantic Goth on each page.

In the fourth novel of the epic Gothic tale, Nadija finds herself in the middle of an imminent war just as she’s planning her much-anticipated wedding to Alexei. Struggling to keep her family safe and her opposition at bay, Nadija begins to feel the pressure of her throne and destiny. As time ticks away before she has to give Lucifer his answer and the Vlkolak struggle to regain power and respect, Nadija is forced to make political decisions that will incite more dissent than ever. (Goodreads)
Rebekah Armusik has a talent for weaving the true essence of romantic Goth on each page. She allows readers- who may not be familiar with the Gothic scene- that there is much more to it than simply skulls, crossbones, morbid music and tattoos.

Another thing she reminds readers, is the fact that a wedding is definitely NOT meant for only the bride or groom, but for the guests as well. As Nadija and Alexei prepare to take their vows all hell, literally, is breaking loose within their realm. Sonja has outdone herself with decorating and preparing the castle for the wedding and bridal shower. Unfortunately, Jozef has also outdone HIMself in inviting many enemies to both venues. Nadija truly does want to be a blushing bride, but that is next to impossible when dealing with an ultimatum thrown in by Lucifer, Guardian's thinning the veil, enemies who would like to not only see her dead but completely crushed.
She also must come to terms with who she really is and those who knew but failed to tell her or Alexei. Though finding out does have its upside. The real reason she and Alexei felt so compelled to be with one another; we are not talking about fate, but true undying love. As if that isn't enough to deal with, Nadija is still dealing with her mortal family, you know, the people who still haven’t a clue about the other world she belongs to. So she is still trying to deter them from figuring it out. Though when one family member comes up missing that may prove to be tragically impossible.

In this installment of Gothic Memoirs secrets are revealed, the past is explored in a new light, some enemies are annihilated, betrayals are made and new alliances are formed. Fans of this series will truly enjoy this installment, just don't go in thinking there will be tons of werewolf action, there is some, but not much. This book is more so about the steps that being taken to get them back on council, James on his rightful thrown and bringing more of his brothers, as well as, their Father into the mix. Oh and when you get to the end, that is indeed the last page, I checked more than once to be sure, so we will most assuredly be anticipating Book 5. This book should definitely not be read as a standalone. So newcomers don't cheat yourselves, start from book 1, Memoirs of a Gothic Soul and you will not be disappointed.


  1. Damn! How do you say the title?

  2. Lol. Its Slavic, so I believe the k is silent.


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