Review: Taking His Woman by Sam Crescent

Title:Taking His Woman
Author:Sam Crescent
Series:The Sinclair Men #2
Release Date: September  17th 2012
Genre: Contemporary,Erotica
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
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Sum It Up! I enjoyed their smexing much more than the plot.

Chris Sinclair broke Erica’s heart. The only woman he has ever loved. Since that awful moment he has spent every waking moment thinking about her and wishing he could have another chance.

Erica cannot forget the love she felt at the hands of Chris, but her memories are plagued by his betrayal after he took her innocence. When they meet again, the attraction is as strong as ever. But Erica refuses to give herself easily to the man who broke her heart.

When Chris’s father is rushed to the hospital, Erica and Chris learn how quickly life can change. Instead of dwelling on the past they move into a future together. But how long can they last? With Erica’s desires increasing, can she find it in her heart to completely trust Chris or will they be doomed to repeat the past? (Goodreads)
I just don’t get this one…now don’t get me wrong…the steam was great and once these two made up, they were great together. What I don’t get is the fact that a 37 yr old man that has played the field his whole life could suddenly realize how great “the one” is and then throw her away. I was still unsatisfied with Chris’ explanation and his justification for being a complete and utter D-bag…Rant out.
Erica was a character I could get into a lot more than Chris: A nice girl from Nowheresville who left a crap life for something better. She thought she had found it in Chris Sinclair, the older gentleman at work who wooed her and charmed her and then took her virginity only to toss it back in her face. Three years have passed and she still loves him and has never been with anyone else.
Vacationing with friends, Chris sees her on the beach and decides now is the time to claim her back. Why now? This was never answered…but they proceed in having dinner just as friends. Well, Chris did not do nearly enough groveling for my liking, but it seems a theme in books I have read lately: Treat them like shit, they stick like shit.
In the end, I enjoyed their smexing much more than the plot. The jumps from here to there had me scratching my head a bit, but I went with it and then got me sweet HEA. Enjoy!

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