Review: Sleeping with the Boss by Sam Crescent

Title: Sleeping with the Boss
Author:Sam Crescent
Series:Friends, Men, and Secrets #1
Release Date: October 25th 2012
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
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Sum It Up! Their romance and their love story was somewhat predictable.

 Heather Booth has been in love with her boss since the moment she started working for him. The only problem, Julian Goff is a horn dog.
When he's ready to ditch a woman, he gives the women a piece of jewellery and sends them on their way.

When Heather and Julian get into an argument over her behavior outside of work, the passion between them ignites. They have sex on his desk
when anyone could walk in and catch them.

Julian wants Heather more than he's ever wanted any other woman in his life. He doesn't do commitment. During a private conversation with her
friends, Julian hears Heather's true feelings for him. He has no choice but to let her go.

Never before has a woman got under his skin. Can Julian earn Heather's trust back, and will he finally have the courage to give the woman he
loves a ring? Be Warned: spanking, anal sex. (Goodreads)

Are there really women out there that will hook up with a known playa for a month or so, give it all up to him in exchange for a diamond
trinket? Yes, I believe so. Would I ever be one of those women...not on my life. And so it goes when I met Heather. She is smart, funny and
sweet...only problem is that she is sweet on her boss too! Julian. And Julian is the biggest playa around. At 40 years old, Julian has not
committed to any woman for longer than a month (do the math, that is A LOT of women!). But I digress. Julian is a love'm and leave'm kind of
guy. Except when it comes to Heather.

Heather was hired as his personal assistant over 2 years ago and she has become his friend, his trusted business ear, and his quiet place. He
simply enjoys spending time with her. That is until he sees her dancing in a club and realizes that she is a woman. A curvy gorgeous woman that
has men ogling her juicy backside. Julian loves her curves and I too like a woman with curves, but she needs to love her curves! That one
issue irked me about Heather. She is described in the size 10-12 range, but compared to the skinny supermodels that Julian normally dates,
Heather mentions her weight constantly (irritating).

Their romance and their love story was somewhat predictable, but there was some good heat to it. The warning from GR was somewhat
misleading...very little spanking (a swat here and there) but the other was a big deal for Julian and he liked to go back door often (I skipped
those parts). I am really excited to read Amber and Elijah's story...they have my interest peaked. A hidden romance that none of the
friends know about! Enjoy!

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