Review: Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn

Title: Leave Me Breathless
Author:Cherrie Lynn
Series:Ross Siblings #3
Release Date: November 6th 2012
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
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Sum It Up! I loved every minute with these two!

Leather and lace don't strike sparks. Or do they?

It's Valentine's Day, but Macy Rodgers isn't feeling the love. Aside
from a torrid, one-night fling in a backseat a few months back, her love
life has been sorely lacking, but fortunately she has devious friends
who feel like playing Cupid. Wouldn't they be shocked to learn that the
match they've made for her is the same one that steamed up the back of
that '69 GTO...

Seth "Ghost" Warren has just returned to town after an extended absence.
Between his grandmother's failing health, his job as a tattoo artist,
his band's gigs, and a crazy ex that won't leave him alone, he's
stretched thin. Cautious cowgirl Macy is the last thing he needs thrown
into the mix.

She's all country, he's all heavy metal-and Macy knows that if anyone
can propel her out of her rut, it's Seth. But when their worlds collide,
it's anyone guess if they'll survive with their hearts intact.

Warning: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, road trips,
troublemaking exes, emotional baggage, and an unconventional but
exceptionally hot hero tatted and pierced for your

If you have not already read Unleashed and Rock Me...Do so NOW! This
great book comes out in November and you will want to read the first two
in the Ross Siblings series...not because you will need it for this
book, but you will be missing out on two really great books where these
two are introduced.

Seth is amazing, gorgeous, talented and so generous. He is a tattoo
artist and so much more. He has some serious baggage and an ex from
hell named Raina, but still he keeps his head up and a smile on his
face. Until his beloved Nana has a stroke and drops everything to be
with her in Oklahoma. Fast forward, or shall I rewind. He and Macy
were hanging out and then, poof...she acts like he doesn't exist. And,
then, he goes poof to OK...

Now, fast forward to Valentine's Day: lonely, sad and moody Macy knows
her two BFFs are only trying to cheer her up. But, their love-struck
attitudes are about the worst thing for Macy's night. Add to that, her
"now divorced and back looking" ex checking her out at the bar and boom,
Macy in a full on funk. That is until Ghost walks through the door,
sits next to her and proceeds to drive her mad with his hand under her
skirt. Not quite the romantic hook up I was expecting, but these two
were hot. And who knew there was that much room in the back of a goat?

As their sexual chemistry develops into more, Macy and Seth grow more
scared about the other. Their insecurities and emotional baggage
threaten to derail them constantly. I loved how one would take a leap
of faith and then the other would and their relationship would grow and
deepen. Macy grows and becomes the fierce woman she had been hiding
inside all the time. I loved when she fought for her man! I would have
loved an epilogue, but their HEA was awesome and I loved every minute
with these two! Enjoy!

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