Review: Lady Gone Bad by Sabine Starr

Title: Lady Gone Bad
Author:Sabine Starr
Release Date: August 28th, 2012
Publisher: Brave
Genre:   Romance
Rating: 3.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Krystal
Buy From: Amazon/ Barnes and Noble

Sum It Up!  This book is perfect for a romance reader.

The saloon singer known as "Lady Gone Bad" is the most drop-dead gorgeous outlaw the West has ever seen. Lady has never met a cowboy she couldn't entice, or a lawman she couldn't outrun. But when Lady tangles with a sexy U.S. Marshall, she's tempted to stick around long enough to watch him lay down the law - in her bed. U. S. Marshall Rafe Morgan wants to lock up Lady Gone Bad for good - and he won't let his attraction to her slow him down. But when his attempt to bring Lady to justice goes awry, Rafe is nearly hanged - and by dawn, his face is plastered next to hers on every "Wanted" poster in Texas. Now on the run together, Rafe and Lady find themselves in very close quarters - and even more compromising positions. As Lady surrenders to Rafe's touch, she slowly begins to reveal all her secrets - including her real name. Maybe "Lady Gone Bad" isn't beyond redemption after all. Either way, Rafe is in for one wild ride... (Amazon)


Lady Gone Bad is a saloon singer and drop-dead gorgeous. Lady does not have a sterling character; she runs from the law and flirts with the cowboys. Enter U.S. Marshall Rafe Morgan-he wants to do everything in his power to lock her up. Lady isn't someone who is easily caught, but Rafe is one of the best. Before long, Rafe finds himself in a tangled situation and running from the law...all because of Lady. Can Rafe maintain his innocence and refuse the attentions of a specific Lady?

Lady is an interesting character. It isn't often that a woman holds a lot of power, sexual or otherwise, in the earlier decades/centuries of America. She is a powerful woman who knows the full extent of what she can accomplish. All in all, she is hard to resist and does have a certain charisma to her. Rafe Morgan is impossible not to like. Surly, at times, and stubborn overall, his dedication to the law is admirable. Both characters may take some time to grow on the readers, but are well worth the wait.

The plot has probably been done with several variations, but Sabine Starr places her own spin on events and characters that will engross the reader. This book is perfect for a romance reader.


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