Review: Keeping Score by Regina Hart

Title:Keeping Score
Author:Regina Hart
Series:Brooklyn Monarchs
Release Date:July 3rd 2012
Publisher:  Dafina
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Krystal
Buy From: Amazon/ Barnes and Noble

Sum It Up!Overall, the book is an enjoyable and quick read.

To be a pro b-ball champion takes endless drive and passion. But being a winner on the court can often mean losing off the court. . .
He's an NBA legend, considered the best of the best. Now veteran player Warrick Evans is determined to lead his team all the way to the championship. It's his last shot before he retires, but the media can't get enough of his story--and all the attention is turning his teammates against him, not to mention his wife. . .
Dr. Marilyn Devry-Evans has always stood by her man, even when it meant standing in his shadow. Now she wants to focus on her own career, and on scoring her own dream job. But with the spotlight bearing down on them, Marilyn is reaching her breaking point. Especially when a secret comes to light--one that could destroy not only her career, but her marriage. . . (Goodreads)
The reader meets the main characters at a critical time. Marilyn and Warrick's marriage is in danger and both are making important career decisions. Marilyn has her dream job in sight and does not intend to see it pass her by, but her choice may cause harmful implications on her husband's job as an NBA player. Warrick is considered a terrific player, a legend, but in the NBA players can rarely play past a certain age and Warrick must decide if he can choose both the championship game and keep his wife.
Marilyn is perfect, almost too perfect, and the reader soon learns that she does have a few secrets she'd rather not see the light of day. Her professional demeanor and charisma make her difficult not to like, however. Warrick can be stubborn, but he is also driven and motivated. The reader will be rooting for both of them. Can their marriage be saved?
This book is both a romance and an examination of the part played in a marriage. Marilyn and Warrick have reached the point where they must both iron out their destinations in life and decide whether or not they can compromise. Overall, the book is an enjoyable and quick read.

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