Review: Undead and Unstable by Mary Janice Davidson

Title: Undead and Unstable
Author: Mary Janice Davidson
Series: Undead - Book 11
Release Date: June 5, 2012
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Tiffany
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Sum It Up!

Don't worry readers, if you have never read this series before, like me, you will still enjoy it, I did. 

Betsy's heartbroken over her friend Marc's death, but at least his sacrifice should change the future - her future - for the better. But it's not as if Betsy's next few hundred years will be perfect. After all, her half sister, Laura, is the Antichrist. Laura's mother is Satan, and family gatherings will always be more than a little awkward.

What's really bothering Betsy is that ever since she and Laura returned from visiting her mom in hell, Laura's been acting increasingly peculiar. Maybe it's Laura's new job offer': Satan's replacement down under. Unfortunately, the position comes at a damnable price: killing Betsy, her own flesh and blood.

Over Betsy's dead body. And for that matter, Marc's, too, since he's not quite as buried as everyone thought. Now a war has been waged - one that's going to take a sibling rivalry to a whole new level and a dimension where only one sister can survive. (Goodreads)


Looking for a laugh out loud book with a few vampires and Satan herself involved, look no further!

Everyones favorite vampire queen, Elizabeth "Betsy" Taylor, is back and full of wild antics. Ever since returning home from the future, a future in which she herself has helped to destroy, she and Laura have been trying to figure out how on earth they can prevent it from ever happening. But are their actions really changing things for the better, or ensure that the disastrous future they witnessed actually comes to fruition? As if that isn't enough to worry about, Betsy mush finally face the fact that Laura is indeed the Antichrist, and not in name only, that she was indeed born to take her mothers place one day. Maybe sooner than either of them would have liked. The truth of how the dreaded Book of the Dead came to be is also finally revealed. And Marc, well, lets just say he might not be so 'dead' after all. Betsy may be getting some help from an unexpected ally, herself. Ancient Betsy, from the future, has come to lend a hand and try to steer Betsy in the right direction towards fixing the timeline, but will she truly be a help, or a hindrance? And when the solution does come about, will the consequences be worth it in the end?
Don't worry readers, if you have never read this series before, like me, you will still enjoy it, I did. Davidson puts in a synopsis at the beginning of the book give a short sum to let new readers coming whats going on, and fans of old a recap. Though I have heard mixed feelings from readers who HAVE been fans from the start, I still say give the book a chance. Its perfect to take your mind off of your everyday life, and if you just need a good laugh. Go in reading this book with a light heart and an open mind. Readers looking for a bloody tale with tons of blood, lust, sex and gore, keep looking. Readers wanting a nice, hilarious, loyalty induced page turner, look no further.
The next Undead to come out will be Undead and Underwater, March 5, 2013. Which will entail three novellas featuring Betsy and the Wyndham werewolves.


  1. Love this series. I'm glad that it's not as dark as the last three books. Satan is a funny character and Mark really made me sad for the most part.

  2. Tracy, MJ's Assistant9/15/12, 5:53 PM

    Undead & Underwater is actually not the next in the Undead series itself. It is just another book (anthology), not part of the actual Undead series.

    The next Undead book will be out in June or July 2013.


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