Interview with Keri Arthur

NRR: Hi Keri! Than you so much for taking the time to join us! Are there
any aspects to writing the Dark Angels series that you find challenging?

I think the most challenging aspect of the Dark Angels series is trying
to remember all the different story threads I
have going, and weaving them through each of the books. Making sure each

character gets some page time has also become something as a challenge,

NRR: What are your top 3 reasons for writing Risa's character?

The top reason for writing her would be because she wouldn't leave me
alone! She invaded Riley's series (honestly, she was just supposed to be
in Tempting Evil, nothing else), and she invaded my dreams with
different storylines. I was left with no choice but to write her. lol.
Second reason would be because I love the Riley Jenson world and wanted
to write more stories in it (and give readers an update on how Riley and
the gang are going in the process) and third, I just love the
interactions between Risa and Azriel. They're fun characters to write

NRR:What do you think the most important thing Risa has learned
throughout the series or will learn?

That sometimes, no matter you do, you can't save the ones you love.

NRR: This one is for fun... What is your guilty pleasure?
Sitting down with a big bag of chips and watching either action movie or
a good romantic comedy. Or even a bad one. lol

NRR: Out of all your characters who would you say you have bonded with
the most?

I'm usually bonded with whatever character I'm writing at the time.
Riley and Risa have been the most fun to write though

NRR: How do you celebrate a release day?

Usually by offering my blog, Facebook and Twitter followers a chance to
win a signed book :)

NRR: What is one thing you want to caution readers to keep in mind while
reading Darkness Devours?

Don't get frustrated with one particular thing Risa keeps doing. There
is a reason :) Oh, and remember there's more going on in these books
than just the keys. That just happens to be the most vital. If it was
just the search for the keys, then the story would be over in three
books, and that would be no fun (for me, as the writer, anyway!)

NRR: What can we expect to see from you next?

Next up, I have the paperback re-release of Beneath a Darkening Moon in
October, then in November Darkness Hunts, the 4th Dark Angels book, will
be released.

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