Review: The Guy Most Likely To..- Leslie Kelly , Janelle Denison , Julie Leto

Title: The Guy Most Likely To...: Underneath It All\Can't Get You Out of My
Head\A Moment Like ThisAuthor: Leslie Kelly , Janelle Denison , Julie Leto
Series: Harlequin Blaze #694
Release Date: June 19 2012
Publisher: Harlequin - Net Galley
Genre:Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
Buy From: AmazonBarnes and Noble
Sum It Up! I know that I was cheering for second chances throughout the whole book! Sweet, fun and sexy!

"Ever wonder what happened to the guy most likely to...Score with the prom queen?"

Lauren and Seth were the high school "it" couple--until Seth disappeared on prom night. But a reunion gives Seth a chance to show Lauren an evening "long" overdue.

"Not date a Playboy Bunny?"

Ali was the highlight of geeky Will's high school years. But now that he's ditched the nerdiness, he's 100 percent of calculated hotness...and Ali won't be able to say no.

"Ride out of town on a Harley?"

Rebel Scott "Rip" Ripley always had a thing for the elusive Erica. But reunion night holds a few sexy surprises when Erica decides it's time to take the bad boy for a ride.(Goodreads) 

As many of you know, I love grabbing a Harlequin Blaze book at the grocery store and reading them while at football practices. This one I picked up on Net Galley and read through one short at a time. But yesterday, I slipped into our local Chapters (Starbuck's is my excuse for the pop-in) and the cover in the flesh is so cute...so Tom Cruise in Risky Business...and a throw back for me to high school! 

High school reunions are something of an oddity for me. I didn't go back to my 20th...well because we didn't have one! It would have been fun, but since our high school closed down the year before, many of the locals went to the closing ceremony instead of the reunion. This set of three stories focuses on reunions, but at a resort-style theme event centre. The first story of love lost and found is very sweet and touching. I enjoyed how Seth sought Lauren out and only had eyes for her.

Speaking of single minded and focused, Will returns to his reunion rich, successful and sexy as all get out. Ali crushed on him years ago, but succumbed to peer pressure and didn't pursue her true feelings for Will. Fast forward to their high school reunion and Ali can't keep her mind
off what could have been...I love having these two fall in love all over again.

And as for falling...falling hard for a bad boy may have been frowned upon in high school, but as an adult, Erica knows that she missed her chance years ago and that she wants to take that ride with Rip. I know that I was cheering for second chances throughout the whole book! Sweet, fun and sexy! Enjoy!

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