Review: When a Duke Says I Do by Jane Goodger

Title: When a Duke Says I Do
Author: Jane Goodger
Release Date: December 1, 2011
Publisher Zebra
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Hoots
Reviewer: April
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Sum It Up!  This is an amazing book from start to finish and I loved it!


Miss Elsie Stanhope resided in Nottinghamshire, an area so rich in titled gentlemen, so felicitous for marriage-minded mamas, it was called "the Dukeries." Indeed, Elsie had been betrothed since childhood to the heir of a dukedom. She had no expectation it would be a love match. Still less that she would enter into a shockingly scandalous affair with an altogether different sort of lover. And the very last thing she imagined was that the mysteries of his birth would be unraveled with as many unforeseen twists and turns as the deepest secrets of her heart. (Goodreads)


When A Duke Says I Do is an incredible book! It is a very hard one to review without ruining so many wonderful things about the book! There are twists and turns on every other page and if I give you details...you would be angry I ruined the surprise! The love story of Elise and Alexander is full of passion and pain and longing and healing and has great secrets and surprises for you to discover on your own.

Elsie is a wonderfully developed heroine whom you will adore and want nothing but the best for. She knows what she must do for her family and will go forward with that without thinking of herself. Alex is a hero full of longing and love, but has secrets and anger that even he is not sure how to deal with it all.

There is romance, suspense, and a villain that will leave you speechless. This is an amazing book from start to finish and I loved it!

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