Review: Sharing Jewel- P.S Love

Title: Sharing Jewel 
Author: PS Love
Release Date: April 3 2012
PublisherSelf- Published
Genre: Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Charity 
Buy From: Amazon
Sum It Up! The sexual activity between characters was rather vanilla, but felt natural to the character’s personalities.

*WARNING*: Sexually explicit (masturbation, cunnilingus, graphic sex scenes). Adults ONLY.
David and Daniel Tanner were identical twins who shared everything. Little did Jewel Jennings know that when she married her wealthy, handsome and charming husband, David, ‘sharing everything’ meant even … her. Can she resist being swept up in her brother-in-law’s charms which are as potent as her husband’s? As she internally battles the temptations—that not only the brothers offer her, but those of her own fantasies, inspired by their constant flirtations and seductions—is her willpower strong enough to resist that which her dark side secretly desires and lusts for? Beautiful and sexy Jewel finds her conventional and conservative world turned completely upside-down as the charismatic twins play their masterful games of seduction to entice her into their erotic bohemian lifestyle. (Goodreads)

This story itself is good, but the writing needs to be cleaned up a bit more. The beginning was a little hard to get through with the alternation between Third Person and First Person Narrative and the slow pace, but I am glad I pushed through and got to the meat of the story. The flow started out bumpy, but around the middle it leveled out and was hard to put away.

The reader’s warning is a little extensive as this story is very much a romance with a little side of sexual activity; I was definitely expecting and wanting more. I would have liked more of a finish or at least more time with the sharing.

Characters development was good, and the dialog between characters became more natural as the story progressed and at time was humorous. The sexual activity between characters was rather vanilla, but felt natural to the character’s personalities.

Sharing Jewel is a good story, but could use a little “cleaning up” to make it great.

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