New Favorite TV Show: Lost Girl

First just a little background on the series before I gush about it! 

Via IMDB: Lost Girl focuses on the gorgeous and charismatic Bo, a supernatural being called a succubus who feeds on the energy of humans, sometimes with fatal results. Refusing to embrace her supernatural clan system and its rigid hierarchy, Bo is a renegade who takes up the fight for the underdog while searching for the truth about her own mysterious origins.

This show is home to several actors/ actresses that I am completely in love with and plot twists to die for! Here are some must knows about the show!

Anna Silk- Anna plays Bo, the succubus that steals the show. I am amazed at how this woman can be so multi-dimensional. She is compationate, kick ass, loving, shy, insecure, sexy, and even a bit mean when she needs to be. She plays Bo perfectly. As a protagonist, Bo is quite different that what many fans in the US are used to. 

With Lost Girl being a Canadian show, some things are a bit different. For one, succubus Bo does not have sexual gender preference. As a matter of fact, according to Think Progress, creator Michelle Lovretta, she wants the show to be "sex positive" and even came up with a list of rules for the show that you can find here. She states that " Bo has lots of sex, with men, women, humans, Fae, threesomes… and she’s still our hero, still a good person worthy (and capable) of love, and that’s a rare portrayal of female sexuality... I think the single element I will remain proudest of is just that we’ve been able to create and put out into the world a sex positive universe where a person’s sexual orientation is unapologetically present and yet neither defines them as a character, nor the show as a whole." So for those of you on the fence about female/ female relations there might be a few scenes to skip. However, I would not let that aspect keep you from giving the show a try because...

DYSON! My man  is played by the hunky actor Kris Holden-Ried. You may have seen him in Underworld: Awakening. The characters on Lost Girl are so complex and Dyson is no exception. He and Bo have some serious chemical wowza! that will burn you from the screen. Not only is he VERY nice to look at ladies (or men as stated above), he also plays the vulnerabilities, caring, hard ass character perfectly. I could not imagine a better wolfie boy! *Look at that intense expression! Watch the show to get plenty of shirtless goodies!

Lauren is Bo's other romantic interest in the series. Played by Zoie Palmer, it is hard not to like her most of the time. I'll admit, I am pro Dyson, but the doctor does have a certain charm/chemistry with Bo. Some will likely find themselves completely on team Doccubus. 

The girl that pushes the show over the edge from good to fantastic in my opinion is Ksenia Solo who plays Bo's roomate/ human sidekick in Lost Girl. She is simply hilarious. With clothes and attitude that scream I love who I am, Ksenia pulls off her character perfectly. Kenzi is the perfect mix of comic relief without becoming irritating. She knows when to start... and when to stop. 

You might recognize him from another Canadian show hosted on Syfy, Richard Howland plays Trick, the mentor and guide in the show. His character reminds me of Giles in Buffy but younger and a bit less carefree (Giles becomes very laid back in later seasons). 

And lastly, the beasties. I love how Michelle works in the Light/ Dark fae that is custom to the creatures while still bringing in every creature you've ever heard of and some you most likely haven't! I love the originality of the series. I mean seriously; what other show do you know with a bad a** heroine that is a succubus? Come on!

Bottom line is this show has it all: sex, 
romance (trust me NOT the same!), action, humor, and mythologies. If you are a fan of romantic novels, this is for you. Even if you are not a huge paranormal fan but just like investigative thrillers, go ahead and give it a shot anyway. Bo is a Private Investigator after all :)

So have you seen Lost Girl? US's Syfy is still airing it I believe, but for those of you in Canada done with the second season and anxiously awaiting the third, what do you think of the show? Let me know in the comments below!

*Note that this post does not reflect my views on sexual promiscuity and preference


  1. I've watched both seasons of Lost Girl via youtube (as I'm in Australia and we don't have it here) and I looooved it! Kenzi is so hilarious.

    1. Kenzi just makes the show in my opinion. She adds so much spunk! I cannot wait for season 3 :)

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