TTT: Are reviewer's really aspiring authors?

Over the past few months there has been some discussion/comments pertaining to reviewers. One that I find interesting is - are we just aspiring author's who are trying to make connections in the publishing world. Many feel this is true so I wanted to take a moment and share my thoughts and personal story as to why I review.

A few years back a friend of mine recommended a book, and I was curious since she made it sound so fascinating. Upon taking her advice I found something in myself I never knew existed! I loved to
read..who knew! I sure as hell was surprised as one book led to another, and I was always looking for the next great book which led me to blogs on the the Internet. I would try discussing with my friends and customers about this great book I was reading, and if I said the word Paranormal I would get alot of scrunching noses and looks  like I had 5 heads. I was dying to talk to people who shared my same taste in books and one day I stumble across a website that was looking for reviewer's, Paranormal Romance Junkies, that was owned by Lenore. She started letting me review, and I enjoyed it immensely; we are now partners here! Not only do I get to read and share what I love but have met great friends along the way and, I plan to do it for many years to come.

Am I an aspiring author? Umm..Hell no! I am a reader plain and simple and I give the viewer's my honest opinion on a book. I wish I had the creativity and intelligence in writing that authors do, but
unfortunately I do not. However, I have met many reviewer's who are in the process of writing their first novel, and they are not looking for a "in" to the publishing world. Authors are always recommending to aspiring writers to " read and read some more" so why not review what you read.

Leave us a comment with your thoughts. If you a reviewer, why do you do it?



  1. Wellllll, because you give me fee books to feed my addiction to books! Plus, I love talk....and reviewing lets me rave about great books!

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