Review: The Wrangler- Lindsay McKenna

Title: The Wrangler 
Author: Lindsay McKenna
Release Date: June 19 2012
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
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Sum It Up!  I loved the story line from the summary on GoodReads, but the reality did not measure up to my expectations. 

Love comes to the Wild West…
Can a city boy make good in the Wild West?
After Wall Street collapses, investment banker Griff McPherson trades in his suits and ties for Stetsons and cowboy boots. He returns to the Wyoming ranch he co-owns with his brother, but it’s not exactly a happy homecoming. So to prove to everyone, including himself, that he belongs back in Jackson Hole, he takes a post as a wrangler on another ranch.

Air force lieutenant Val Hunter has just returned to the Bar H ranch to help her ailing grandmother run the property. While it is full of unhappy memories, Val is determined to do right by her home. Her new hire is easy on the eyes and a tough wrangler to boot, yet her instincts make it hard for her to trust him. When a nefarious neighbor endangers her land, Val is forced to accept Griff’s help—but will she finally be able to open her heart? (Goodreads)

Wow, this has to be the hardest review I have ever had to write. I loved the story line from the summary on Goodreads, but the reality did not measure up to my expectations. There were a few technical items that I need to get off my chest before moving on to the story. First, Val Hunter is a broken heroine who in all her years in the Air Force, especially in the "spy" game, should have been reviewed extensively for her mental status and capacity. I really do not to believe that the Air Force would use a spy who cannot even stand next to a man without flinching and shrinking away. Add to that, Griff…hmmm where to start. Apparently he grew up in Wyoming until age 6, yet he has the most amazing vibrant memories of rebuilding machinery. Odd. Also, Griff has an MBA from Harvard (smart and rich), yet he lost everything in the stock crash…you are never truly poor until you sell…any millionaire MBA trader worth his salt would hold (at least some of his wealth). I personally made money in 2008 during the crash (DH lost a bundle on his retirement funds, but by 2010 made it all back). Seriously, wouldn't some smarty pants investment banker know to buy and hold! Now add onto that, Griff as said investment banker likely had a couple Rolex watches, many Armani Suits, his NY city apartment and at least one Bentley to sell…come on, even in 2008 those things did not get sold on Craig's List!

Rant aside and reality suspended…I liked Griff. I actually wanted him to reveal more of himself and then I would turn the page, he would give us more! Val on the other hand was a hard nut to crack. She was broken, yes. But more than that, she was scared and unwilling to take a risk even on her own future. I did enjoy watching Griff win both her and granny Gus over. He really was just that nice a guy…or shall I say wrangler! I did not like Griff's brother Slade initially, but then perhaps if I had read their story (he and Jordana), I may have felt differently about Griff.

As an aside, there were a whole lot of red-headed people in this story. I wasn't sure if the intention was to say that they were related, or that the whole town drank ambrosia water that made them red-heads…just saying.


  1. I've come across books like that and I feel exhausted after because I've been hyping it for myself then the story goes flat.

    I hope your next read is better.

    P.S. a town full of red heads is close to impossible, they're a dying kind LOL

    Talk Supe

  2. hahah, it just struck me as odd...I have come across quite a few Red-heroines lately. My dear friend who is red-headed would love that that many heroes are looking for red! Grandma Gus was hilarious though! bummer about her hip...

    1. Hmm I thought gingers were a dying breed! Good to know otherwise :)


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