Review: The Slayer by Theresa Meyers

Title: The Slayer
Author: Theresa Meyers
Release Date: April 3rd 2012
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Krystal
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Sum It Up! Anyone who enjoyed the first novel of the Legend Chronicles will likely love this next book.

Brothers Winchester, Remington, and Colt know the legends—they were trained from childhood to destroy demon predators, wielding the latest steam-powered gadgetry. It’s a devil of a job. But sometimes your fate chooses you…
Chasing Trouble

Winn Jackson isn’t interested in hunting nightmares across the Wild West—even if it’s the family business. Unlike his rakehell brothers, Winn believes in rules. As sheriff of Bodie, California, he only shoots actual law breakers. That’s what he’s doing when he rescues the Contessa Drossenburg, Alexandra Porter, a lady with all the elegance of the Old World—grace, beauty and class. And then he sees her fangs.

Alexandra isn’t just some bloodsucking damsel in distress, though. She’s on a mission to save her people—and she’s dead certain that Winn’s family legacy is the only way. Luckily, aside from grace and class, she also has a stubborn streak a mile wide. So like it or not, Winn is going to come back with her to the mountains of Transylvania, and while he’s at it, change his opinions about vampires, demon-hunting, and who exactly deserves shooting. And if she has her way, he’s going to do his darnedest to save the world…
Winn is a straight shooter. He doesn't deviate from the rules at all if he can avoid it. When he meets Tessa, he thinks he is saving her...until he sees those gleaming fangs. Tessa is a vampire and a regal one at that; she imperiously decrees that Winn must help her save her people. Winn isn't so sure about the endeavor, but he's a natural hero and would have had an impossible time turning a lady down. Through their journey, Winn and Tessa must fight a natural attraction and several obstacles along the way.
Winn's character may remind the reader of the Wild West. He is an upstanding citizen and devoted to keeping people safe. Tessa is definitely more selfish and may get on the readers' nerves. She is awfully bossy, at times, but her heart is usually in the right place. Colt and Lily's characters are also undergoing some changes as well. The love scenes and "anticipatory scenes" were very well thought out and the reader will believe in the attraction. The other characters serve to round out the story more than anything; the reader doesn't really have a chance to connect to them as much.
Anyone who enjoyed the first novel of the Legend Chronicles will likely love this next book. The plot is consistent; the reader will love paging through the novel, though maybe not at a too rapid pace. This book is recommended to adults.


  1. I saw this in NG I think but since I didn't get to read Bk 1 I skipped it. This is steampunk right? Cool read!

    Talk Supe

    1. Sure is steampunk. I have not read this genre myself, but after reading the review and your comment, I may give it a try!


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