Review: Nightshift- Katie Douglas, Crystal Jordan, and Lynn Lafleur

Title: Nightshift
Author:  Katie Douglas, Crystal Jordan, and Lynn Lafleur
Series: Anthology 
Release Date: December 1 2011
Genre: Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Charity
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Sum It Up! Honestly this wasn’t my favorite book, but I don’t regret reading it. 

Their human form is ephemeral, but their sexual desire is endless. Enter the mysteriously sensual world of the shapeshifters and share in their erotic passion. . .

"Dream Catcher" by Kate Douglas
She comes to him at night in dreams of carnal pleasure. Real or imagined, Mac doesn't know and doesn't care. For his body throbs with a need that only his mystery lover can satisfy. . .

"Taken Between" by Crystal Jordan
Kira lives to protect her queen, but the king's brother is the one who commands her desire. She longs for him with a feral sexuality and ferocious passion she can barely control. . .

"The Right Number" by Lynn LaFleur
Jay may have dialed the wrong number but the right woman answers. She is the mate he's been looking for all his life. And when he hears the sexy purr of her voice, it arouses the hungry wolf inside. . .  (Goodreads)

This Anthology includes 3 stories, but honestly, the last one was the saving grace of this book for me.

Dream Catchers by Kate Douglas
I am not into sci-fi, nothing against it; I have just never been able to get into it. Aliens just don’t do it for me. There was no warning or clue given in the blurb that this was anything other than a paranormal read. I am sorry to say I didn’t even finish this story.

Taken Between by Crystal Jordan
This was a cute little read. I like Kara and Max’s situation and the “Between” world is intriguing. Personally, I didn’t feel an emotional connection. There were no invisible strings holding me to this story until I finished. The potential was there, but it fell a little short for my expectations.

The Right Number by Lynn LaFleur
I just love when werewolves find their mates. The instant connection is strong, the sex is possessive, and the ending is forever. I read this story all in one sitting, not needing to put it down and do something else-like the other stories. What wasn’t great about this story is Clint; the ending was way too rushed. Other than that it was a good read.

Honestly this wasn’t my favorite book, but I don’t regret reading it. You don’t fully appreciate the good books if you don’t occasionally read some that are mediocre.

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