Review: Naughty in Leather by Berngaria Brown

Title: Naughty in Leather
Author: Berengaria Brown
Release Date: April 17 2012
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance
Rating: 2 Hoots
Reviewer: Charity
Buy From: Amazon  
Sum It Up!  Unfortunately this book came off very amateur to me.

A gang of teenagers is shoplifting from the mall and rob Rhonda’s store, Luxurious Leatherwork. When Scott and Ty come to the store and ask her out to dinner yet again, this time she says yes. She has decided she wants to see if there’s potential for a three-way relationship. Dinner is wonderful, and sex with them even better.
A few days later the gang of teenagers attacks the jeweler’s window with metal bars. Ty and Scott are terrified for Rhonda and determined to look after her. The men take her home. They want her to know how deeply they care for her.
Ty is offered a promotion at work, but it involves some travel and moving to a new apartment. He’s worried that it will ruin their new relationship, and the gang situation is still not solved.
Can a relationship such as theirs survive? (Amazon.com)
Review- This is a follow up to “Turning up the Heat” but is not listed as series. It follows Rhonda, a secondary character from “Turning up the Heat,” but the sex scenes follow a little too closely to Tilly’s story. This entire story comes off as a “been there, done that” kind of read. The pace is slow, the story is predictable, and the emotions were too voiced. Emotions should be felt and not voiced throughout the story. Unfortunately this book came off very amateur to me.
Even though this book wasn’t the best I still very much intend to check out more of Ms. Brown’s work.

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