TTT: Are E-Books too expensive?

During the past few years E-Books have been on the rise with the public since technology has grown. Be it a computer,tablet or cell phones people are now enjoying the leisure of downloading a book by the touch of a finger and reading in a moments notice. Gradually more publishers joined in the ranks and now you can buy almost any book in different file formats and loan from a friend or library.

At first the pricing on E-Books were very reasonable as many consumers expected since you were not actually buying a book...and saving a tree (wink) but as the popularity grew we started to see an increase in pricing and that gave readers a pause. Some E-Books are only a dollar or so cheaper or if not the same price as a book. So of course the complaining started and finger pointing began with blame put on publisher's and the distributor's. Regardless as who is to blame there have been a few fallouts between certain distributors and the Big 6 in publishing, even to the point were their books were yanked from E-Book stores and continuing legal battles.As for most author's they actually like to keep the pricing low so they are able to sell more books and many are very vocal about it. Jeaniene Frost just recently had a discussion on her blog about trying to get her E-Books pricing lowered.

In my opinion I do feel that some E-Books are overly expensive,however this does not turn me away from buying the book especially when it's a favorite author of mine. I love the convience and it saves me a trip to the bookstore!

Tell us your thoughts below! Do you think E-Books are too expensive?

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  1. I loved that you featured this as your topic today. I have to agree with the writer of this article, I find some eBooks to be pricey but if it's a fav author of mine then I still pay the price. For ex. Lover Reborn was 14.99 and I bought it the morning it was released on my Kindle.


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