Review: Eternity's Mark-Maeve Greyson

Title: Eternity's Mark 
Author: Maeve Greyson
Release Date: Feb 28 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Krystal
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Sum It Up! Rewriting the summary, it’s surprising that the story turned out to be as entertaining as it did.

Sacred blood flows in Hannah MacPherson’s veins; she’s just too hardheaded to realize it. After losing a husband to the Iraq war, she’s squirreled herself away in a tiny town where she snarls at any man who gives her a second glance. But Taggart de Gaelson knows more about Hannah than she could ever fathom. As her assigned protector, Taggart’s grown tired of Hannah ignoring his messages from Scotland—and now he’s come to retrieve her.

The balance of the Continuum depends on a race of sacred creatures who maintain the strength of the portals. Only Hannah’s touch can release the hatchlings from their eggs. Sworn to protect Hannah from others who lust for control of the beasts, Taggart must win her trust. But as he battles at her side, can he protect his heart?  (Goodreads)

In small town- Jasper Mills, USA, Hannah MacPherson is loved by and loves every resident, animal, and rocky path. Her loyal love for her husband keeps her tied to his grave on her mountain and to the single life. However, this quaint scene is interrupted by Taggart, a half-breed dragon who needs Hannah to come to Scotland to tend the next generation of magical dragons who await her touch to be born. Taggart’s evil half-brother tries to kidnap Hannah in order to use her to awaken an army of the Draecna which he will use against other realms and Taggart. Hannah comes to love the appealing dragons…she also finds love and passion with Taggart, though both try to fight the attraction for different reasons.

The first scenes, one in Scotland and one in Jasper Mills, drew me into the story. An impatient, “smacking the walls” Taggart prowls a Scottish castle while Hannah hides in the Jasper Mills bushes snapping pictures of her friends picking up and moving her car to an illegal spot. Writing the summary above, it’s surprising that the story turned out to be as 
entertaining as it did. The settings and plot seem implausible; yet, Greyson does a great job of combining mystical worlds and magic, likeable humans and dragons, and feelings of loyalty, friendship, and passion with humor and suspense. The banter from the dragons in their Scottish accents is fun to read!

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