Review: All Caught Up by Sophia Shaw

Title: All Caught Up
Author: Sophia Shaw
Release Date: November 2011
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Rayna

A woman with connections. . .
Thanks to her elite Miami matchmaking service, Jasmine Croft is financially secure-and much too busy finding love for others to settle into a relationship of her own. But when a successful-and skeptical-crime author becomes her client, Jasmine finds herself up against the greatest challenge of her career-and maybe her life. . .
A man of mystery. . .
Handsome widower Robert Rankin would rather be working-but he needs a woman to accompany him to his brother's four day wedding celebration. His expectations are low-until his date arrives: Jasmine. A twist of fate brought her there, into the arms of a man far more intriguing and irresistible than she ever imagined. But as the days extend into a relationship, will meddling friends, scheming relatives, and Robert's own ghosts ultimately tear them apart?... (Goodreads)

All Caught Up is my first read from Ms. Shaw and it was a delight.  I found this book to be a very light and easy read right from the start.  I sat down mid-afternoon, cracked the cover and went to bed somewhat late finishing this wonderful story.  Now there will be pro’s and con’s to every story so I will start with the positive.

The characters are very well written and lovable.  We have this drop dead gorgeous leading female that is not stuck on her most generous attributes and thus does not have that ego most women would have in her situation.  Then we have a leading male that is mouth watering and had a bit of the knowledge to that effect.  They come together in such an innocent manner and you can almost feel the connection and heat coming from the pages right from the start.  This book had a ‘love a first sight feel’ yet Ms. Shaw allowed the H/H grow into their romance and love affair without jumping in with both feet.  This style I have to admire and it follows true life versus just a very good fairy tale.  I honestly can see this story based on a real life experience!  Ms. Shaw threw in some heartbreak, distrust, and some ‘I didn’t see that coming’ to make me keep turning the pages.  The primary and secondary characters were very well written.  The story line was light and breezy and made me sigh with contentment throughout.

Now for the things I had a bit of trouble with.  There were many times during this read that I had to bring out my ‘red pen’ to correct some grammatical and spelling errors. There is nothing I hate more than having to correct books so that I can read them without cursing.  I overlook this in good books which I have in this case.  But I think what got me the most was the ending!  This book is a stand alone and when writing a stand alone I expect the end to put the book to rest and I shouldn’t have to wonder.  The ending of this book finished quite abruptly and I found myself turning pages looking for an epilogue and being sadly disappointed.  This book would have been finished off nicely with a little insight to the future possibly a few years after the fact to give me the sense of completion.  As it sits I wonder just what will happen in the future with the H/H and I’m a bit sad that I will never find out!

That being said, All Caught Up was a nice break from my reality and left me with a warm heart.  This book will give you a warm feeling all over and for those who need a little spice in life it has that too!  Check it out and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

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