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You would have to be living under a rock if you have not noticed all the media hype pertaining to popular books being made into movies that are breaking box office records. From Harry Potter to Twilight and now The Hunger Games, readers are out in mass force to support their "fictional" friends.

I love to hear when one of my favorite reads is going to be made into a movie but at the same time I get a little nervous. I find myself thinking is the movie going to give the book it's justice, will important or rememorable scenes make it into the movie and what about the actor's who are to portray these all important charcter's, will they fit the role? Not only do they have to bring the essence of the charcter to life but also fill your envisioned expectations of their looks.
Let's face it, everything I just mentioned is pretty tough circumstances for the movie studio's to fulfill but this is what us readers expect. I think they have done a spot on job with the Twilight Saga,Water For Elephants and The Hunger Games. They have the perfect cast and follow the storyline to the books nicely! As for the misses I would have to say Beastly and Dear John since they did not have the same plot conclusions as the book.

 Leave a comment  telling us what you think are hit's and misses with books that have gone to Hollywood, and come back April 19 for a full article on the Hunger Games!!

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