Reviews: Ali's Art- JT Harding

Title: Ali's Art
Author: JT Harding
Release Date: December, 2011
Publisher: Self-Published 
Genre: Erotica
Rating: 4.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Charity

For Tom Adams life is about to get complicated.

For six years Alison Graham lived with him like a sister. Trouble is, the feelings Tom has for Ali aren’t the feelings he should be having for a sister. And that’s not the only problem. When he goes to New York to live with Ali it turns out she likes girls, not men.

Being around the most beautiful woman he knows proves tough for Tom, even tougher when Ali brings girlfriends home, way tougher when she asks him to pose so she can sketch him - naked. Tom might have managed this too if his body hadn’t let him down. What’s a guy supposed to do, lying naked on a couch in front of a hot babe?

For a time Tom and Ali try to cope with the growing attraction between them, fighting a mutual desire neither wants to admit. Tom seeks an outlet for his arousal with other women. Ali too. The website they create to sell their drawings becomes a success, drawing other people into their circle.

When Tom’s mother gets married and asks them to housesit while she’s on honeymoon, the tension breaks and Ali flees back to New York, seeking a respite from emotional turmoil. When Tom follows Ali it is to find her gone, and he must track her across the Atlantic to Italy, where finally both are forced to acknowledge their true feelings for each other.

Ali’s Art is a novel of hidden passion played out through the lives of a diverse group of fascinating characters, heterosexual, gay and curious. (Goodreads)
Wow! It is very rare to come across an Erotic book that has depth. This story has character development, background, climax and a fantastic finish; and is lacking absolutely nothing when it comes to sexual material. 

Ali and Tom are both greatly developed characters. I love Ali’s curiosity, her carefree but composed nature. Tom, I cannot say enough good things about. Not only is he a sexy morsel I would like to kidnap and keep for myself, but he has such respect and control. They are both perfect for each other with just the right amount of curiosity, willingness, and love.

The best part about this book is the way that it is written. It is completely believable, written in “a day in the life” kind of way. There are a few slow spots, but it is a story that is hard to put down. On more than one occasion I lost track of hours while reading.

As a Self-Published book, it is very well done, but there are several spelling and grammar errors. JT Harding is definitely an Author to watch. This is a fantastic story!

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