Review: Shattered Souls-Mary Lindsey

Title: Shattered Souls
Author: Mary Lindsey
Release Date: December 2011
Publisher: Philomel
Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 4.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Lenore

A thrilling debut story of death, love, destiny and danger
Lenzi hears voices and has visions - gravestones, floods, a boy with steel gray eyes. Her boyfriend, Zak, can't help, and everything keeps getting louder and more intense. Then Lenzi meets Alden, the boy from her dreams, who reveals that she's a reincarnated Speaker - someone who can talk to and help lost souls - and that he has been her Protector for centuries.
Now Lenzi must choose between her life with Zak and the life she is destined to lead with Alden. But time is running out: a malevolent spirit is out to destroy Lenzi, and he will kill her if she doesn't make a decision soon. (Amazon)

SHATTERED SOULS is a must read for any ghost fan, young and old alike. A little Ghost Whisperer mixed with The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer; Lindsey has a sure fire winner! There are so many things to enjoy about this book. The plot is fresh and the world beyond creative. Mary Lindsey takes elements from many legends and blends them together in a complex, but non confusing, way. She even does it without adding the vampires and fairies that have become so popular in the young adult world.
The characters in this story are an added bonus. Alden is an excellent protagonist. He is not all boy like Zak (the other male wanting for Lenzi's heart), nor is he a complete stick in the mud for the rules. Zak is a different kind of character; the antagonist at times, he creates an added suspense to the story. The two are not necessarily a love triangle for Lenzi (which will be refreshing to some readers), as she chooses her man well before the end of the book.

This book's rating was knocked off a half a hoot for two reasons. One was Lenzi; in the beginning, she is whinny, young, and frustrating. Things readers cannot stand in a lead character. However, Lenzi does come into her character and grows throughout the story. Some would consider this a too quick one eighty to be plausible; I consider it character development necessary to the plot.
As good as the book was, Mary Lindsey spent almost too much time explaining her world. It is interesting, yes, and did not slow the book down, but I wish that the arcing plot would have been more developed.
Like all other reviewers, I sincerely hope Lindsey has a sequel in the making. The book resolves the main plot of the story, but leaves many ends untied for future books. There is currently no information I could find on book two, but with the positive reviews overall, I find it hard to believe there will not be one coming next year.
Shattered Souls is highly recommended. Horror fans and romance fans alike will be enthralled by Mary Lindsey's story.

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