Review: Granite Kiss- Jennifer Cole

Title: Granite Kiss
Author: Jennifer Cole
Release Date: October, 2011
Publisher: Lyrical
Genre: Erotica/ Paranormal
Rating: 5 Hoots
Reviewer: Tiffany

Can a determined librarian convince a mythological beast of the night that fairytales do come true? 

A good book, a puzzle to solve, a riddle to master--these all get Elena Xavier’s blood pumping. But is her drive for a solution enough to break a powerful wizard’s curse and free the beast of her dreams? 

Over two hundred years ago a man was cursed by a spell of humility and his mortal life ended. Now he soars across the heavens under cover of darkness, praying to the gods for an end to his tortured existence. 

Elena has one chance. Her problem-solving abilities are put to the ultimate test when she finds herself in a race against time. She has until the stroke of midnight on All Hallow’s Eve to solve a riddle. Then, only consummation with her one true love will undo the ancient incantation cast centuries before. One obstacle stands in her way--a very stubborn gargoyle reluctant to follow his heart. 

Graphic language, explicit sex, violence.....  (Goodreads)
Short, bittersweet and worth every page.  Granite Kiss is an erotic fairy tale that seems to spring to life right out of the book.  I promise after reading this readers will NEVER look at gargoyles the same again!  Though it is a very short tale, Cole manages to get enough detail in there for readers to truly care about and feel for each and every one the characters, and to hate the bad guy just as much as they do.  

It states in the summary that the only thing Elena has to do is consummate with her one true love to break the curse, easy peasy, right?  Well, not so much if your one true love is over seven feet, almost eight feet, tall.  But his height isn't exactly the problem, it’s other...things that are completely proportionate with his size, if you catch my drift.  Not only is time against them, but an ancient enemy thought to be long dead that will do his best to stop them before they can truly get things started.

Granite Kiss is a truly great, short, light and fun read. 


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