Interview: Linda Robertson

NRR: What age were you when you knew you wanted to become a author?

Eight. That's the earliest attempt I made anyway. I tried again with a much more serious effort at 13, and a real, full length story at 17. I made the mistake of rewriting that one for a LONG time, but eventually I did move on to another story and another. 

NRR: How were you inspired to write Persephone Alcmedi series?

I blame a shrimp po-boy at the New Orleans airport. I was there early and waiting for my plane and after eating that, I sat down to take some notes. Johnny was there on the page first and Seph was born out of the "what would his ideal woman be like" question. Then she took over. 

NRR:What books/authors help inspire your career in writing?

I'm from the age of Dungeons and Dragons high fantasy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I was searching for a strong female lead and I though I always liked the characters Laurana and Kitiara I wanted to read about a strong female LEAD character. Eventually I found Jennifer Roberson's Sword Dancer series. Del was great, a strong woman who held her own as a swordswoman--though those stories were told through the eyes of her lover, a swordsman called Tiger. After that I delved into writing, making stories about tough women just so I could have that story I sought.

NRR: Not only are you a writer but a musician. Does your love of music influence your writing? And what is your favorite song to perform? 

Well, Johnny is a rock and roller. :-) I have to say yes it influences my writing. I listen to movie scores while I write and an action scene gets action-oriented background music, a tender loving scene gets love themes in the background.  My favorite song to perform, back in the day when I was still performing regularly, was Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name. It was dramatic and just fun to play on guitar!

NRR: The Persephone Alcmedi series contains romance and mystery. Which one would you say comes more natural for you to write?  

Neither! No, that's a cheat answer. I'll say romance if those two are my choices. However, while I rarely watch TV but when I do, I love to watch shows that have something to figure out (CSI, Bones, the Mentalist, Burn Notice etc.) but putting the mystery elements into writing is tough.  

NRR: Can you tell us a little about Arcane Circle?

Well, I kind of left a question hanging in Fatal Circle's end...mwahahahaa. I do address that, but the main focus of the story is on Johnny. He's had to take over the leadership of his pack and since they all know he can change without the moon, he can no longer hide that he is the Domn Lup. The Zvonul, the global head-honchos of the werewolves, have been made aware of it too. The Rege (the title given to the highest ranking wolf in the absence of a king) is coming to meet Johnny. Thusly, Johnny needs his tattoos to be "unlocked" so that his powers can be truly at-will. Seph helps him search for the person who magically locked up his power, but doing so forces her into a confrontation she doesn't want.

NRR: What is a guilty pleasure for you?

Coffee with chocolate syrup, peppermint syrup, and Kahlua or Bailey's in it. Mmmmmm. It's all sugar and totally horrible for me but I love it!!!!

NRR: Can you tell us what readers can expect to see from you next?

I'm working on an as-yet untitled fifth book in the Persephone Alcmedi series. I'm doing something different...the first four books were all first-person narratives from Seph's point of view. In this fifth installment I maintain her scenes in first-person, but I have expanded the storyline to allow me to get into a few other people's heads. Some new characters and also--Johnny. I want to know what he's thinking! There is so much happening to him because of the events of Arcane Circle and because of where I'm pushing him now in this manuscript...I just have to know! I hope readers are with me on that.

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