Interview: Jaye Wells

NRR: When did you begin to write?

I've always written, but I guess I began to write fiction with the intent of getting published about five years ago. I'd been a magazine editor and freelance writer before that, but that year I decided fiction was my love.  

NRR: What is your guilty pleasure? 

Interesting question.  I love lots of things that people might consider guilty pleasures, but lately I've been wondering why we all spend so much time and energy feeling bad about things that make us happy. Why should I feel bad about reading romance novels or eating chocolate for breakfast or watching cheesy 80s movies?  *shrugs*
Anyway, those are a few of mine. 
NRR: What inspired the Sabina Kane series?

Lots of little inspirations inspire the series, but the initial inspiration came from a picture of a moon. My friend was hosting a flash fiction contest with that image as the inspiration. I knew I wanted to write a vampire story for it, but it wasn't until I was driving down the road and "Digging graves is hell on a manicure," popped in my head and Sabina was born. 

NRR: The world building and character development in Red-Headed Stepchild and Mage in Black are so unique. How much research went into writing this novel, and how much did you create purely from your own head?

Research is brainstorming for me. I love it. I spent a lot of time researching existing vampire mythos, ancient lore and all types of weird arcane traditions. Then my imagination would take over and add twists and new details. 

NRR: If Sabina had a theme song what would it be? If Maise or Adam had a theme song what would theirs be?

I do playlists for every book so the characters all have many theme songs depending on the book and the situation. It's hard to pick just one song for any of them because they're all many songs to me. But I can tell you some bands I associate with them. Sabina is Garbage and Hole and Florence + The Machine, Adam is The White Stripes and The Black Keys and Eels, and Maisie is more like Mazzy Star and Fleetwood Mac. 

NRR: Possible spoiler for those who have not read Mage in Black!!! Will readers finally get relief from the sexual tension building up between Adam and Sabina any time soon?

I know everyone wants to know this, but there is no way I can answer it without spoiling everything that's coming.  

NRR: How many novels would you like to write in this series? Do you think you will continue writing as long as readers are reading, (J.R. Ward, Kenyon, and Kim Harrison) or do you think that Sabina will have an end and once that end has come you will move on (Rachel Vincent, Jeaniene Frost, Keri Arthur)?

At tis point, I plan for five books total. I never intended it to be an open-ended series that ran for years. 

NRR: Can you give readers any insider information (just one little tease) about Green Eyed Demon?

Hmm. Tricky. I can tell you that this one features drag queen faeries, accidental zombies and that at least one major story arc has some closure. 

NRR: Do you have an idea of what you would like the title for Sabina book 4 to be? Can you share it with us?

Yes, the title for book four is SILVER-TONGUED DEVIL. I believe it will be released in January 2012.  

NRR: Are you working on any new projects other than Sabina Kane that you can share with us?

I'm about to start writing the fifth book in Sabina's series, but I'm also brewing some plans for a new series that I'd like to pitch once I have completed Sabina's books. I'm trying to take things one book at a time right now, though, so I do each story justice. 

Thank you for joining us!

Thanks for having me!  

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