Interview: Cheyenne McCray

NRR: Can you share with us when you got started into writing?

I’ve always written, from the time I was in kindergarten, when I crafted my first poem. Many of my class writing projects turned out to be lengthy stories.

I started writing for publication in 2000 and sold my first books in 2002.

My mother and Father encouraged me to write and never wavered in their confidence in me, that I could do this.  I also had teachers, even in grade school, who praised my work.  Without them, I don’t know if I would have believed in myself and my ability to do it.

NRR: How were you inspired to write The Night Tracker series?

In the “Magic” series I created a world of Dark Elves, Drow, who played a small role. I thought about having a heroine who was half-Drow and half-human. She seemed intriguing and fun and a perfect heroine type to have in a New York City setting.

NRR: If you lived in a world where things did go bump in the night, would you be a Tracker?

I think would be better suited to be their strategy consultant, in the war room talking about what the next step would be.

NRR: Which do you prefer E-reader or books?

It depends on the mood I’m in on whether I will read the print or e-copy or listen to an audiobook.  For the last few years, I have listened to a lot of audiobooks.

NRR: Can you tell us a little about VAMPIRES NOT INVITED? 

My next novel, Vampires Not Invited, is due in stores November 30th. Nyx goes up against Volod, a Master Vampire who does not want to see Vampires suppressed any longer.  Paranorms have controlled Vampire kind for over a hundred years. Paranorm strength and powerful magic has been able to enforce laws to stop Vampire attacks.

Vampires have tired of drinking synthetic blood and not being able to add to their ranks. They desire their freedom. Volod  not only manages to gain information regarding every paranorm race’s known weakness, but he also obtained a highly contagious virus deadly to all paranorms , the serum thought to have been previously destroyed. If Volod is successful, the paranorm enforcers will be gone and a frenzied feeding feast, suppressed for so long, will be on.

NRR: What can readers expect to see from you next year?

In June 2011 is Zombies Sold Separately followed by Vampires Dead Ahead Fall 2011.
I am very excited about this book. The Night Trackers must stop a Sorcerer who targets the Earth world for new host bodies for the people from his dying world, turning the old, discarded bodies into Zombies.  I think you will find it intriguing when you read Zombies Sold Separately coming in June 2011. Following that more Vampires in Vampires Dead Ahead, due out Fall 2011.

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