Interview: Andrea Cremer

Can you please share with us when you knew you wanted to become a writer and how you got started?

I was always the kid in the corner with a book, just wanting the world to leave me alone so I could read, and I liked to write little poems and stories, but I never much thought about being a writer as my main job. In high school and later, in college, a couple teachers really encouraged my writing. I was there originally for math and computers, but I switched over to English Literature. It was sort of a gradual process, and I was always concerned about how I would pay the bills being a fiction writer, but luckily I got the opportunity to develop my skills as an advertising writer, so that’s my “day job.” 

As for being published, that journey took a while! I wrote 3-4 full finished novels before getting a book contract. I’ve always been a writer who writes “neither fish nor fowl,” books that don’t really have a niche. But I just kept at it. I just believed it would happen. I think handling disappointment is as important a skill for a writer to learn as comma placement.

How where you inspired to write the Justine Jones: Disillusionist Trilogy?

The way I first got the idea was that I had just read a hugely depressing  sort of philosophical book that takes a super dark view of humanity.  It made me feel really awful, and I thought, if I had an enemy, I 
would give them this book as a gift, so that they could feel as disillusioned as I did. (In fact, I actually recommended it to somebody I was mad at. LOL I am a terrible person!) Then I thought, what if there were people who disillusioned other people for money?  Hey, that would make a great book! 

You knew this was coming- Can you tell us will Justine ever forgive Packard for not telling her ALL the details about joining the Disillusionist team?

Packard definitely has a lot of groveling to do! “Certain writers” might even put Packard through a little bit of hell for what he did. Though, I believe people deserve a chance at forgiveness if they try to make up for a thing they are sorry for. That’s all I’ll say! 

What are some of your favorite TV shows and/or movies?

I have been enjoying the excellent cable shows out in the past few years: Breaking Bad, The Wire, Dexter, The Shield, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office. Loved that recent Star Trek movie, too! I’m also a big Buffy and Star Trek fan girl. 

If you could collaborate with any author who would you pick and why?

Wow, this is an interesting question. I think it would be fun to collaborate with Nicole Peeler, because she has some really smart and interesting ideas on the genre. Also, I love reading historicals, but could never write one, so I’d imagine I’d enjoy working with a historical writer I love, like Carolyn Jewel, Deanna Raybourn, or Meredith Duran. Writers like that would make up for my deficiency in writing intelligently about the past. And I guess I can offer…errr….a way with mutants? LOL

Can you give us a few teasers for Double Cross?

Ooh!! Okay: There is more of Simon, and he gets a love interest. So does Shelby! And, it will become crystal clear who Justine is destined to be with. And somebody does something very bad. And there is a major secret thing that happens in it, and I am really paranoid about it getting spoiled in reviews. And finally, don’t read the ending first. It will really screw things up for you!!  

I really appreciate you taking the time for the interview! I am a huge fan and I can not wait for Double Cross to be released.

Thank you SO much for having me here! I’m really happy and excited that you invited me.

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